Come to New Scotland
in 2018

Clan Munro USA & Canada
Gathering in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Thu. Aug 30 - Sun. Sep 2, 2018

Registration form:

Please list the Names of Attendees below (as they will appear on your name tags)

1.______________________________________ 2 __________________________________

3.______________________________________ 4. _________________________________

(Please list additional names on the back of this sheet.)


City, State/Prov, Postal Code_____________________________________________________________


____New Address ____New Member ____First Time Attendee

Registration Fee includes Friday breakfast, Friday lunch, Friday transportation and entrance fee to Citadel, Friday dinner, Saturday transportation to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg and Saturday formal banquet (Saturday lunch in Lunenburg is not included) / (Ages as of August 31, 2018)

___________ # of Adults at $285 USD per person ($300 USD after July 30) = $__________

___________ # of Children (4 to 12) at $185 USD per child ($200 USD after July 30) = $__________

Saturday Banquet Only ____# of Adults at $84 USD = _____# of Children at $42 USD = $__________

Total Payment enclosed = $__________USD

Make Money Orders payable to: Clan Munro Association, USA

Mail Registration Form and Payment in US Dollars to:

Mark Monroe

8800 Calera Drive

Austin, TX 78735

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after July 30, 2018

For Adults, please make food choices for Friday and Saturday dinners below.

Child’s meal for dinners will be selection made by catering such as chicken fingers.

If choosing for more than one person, indicate with name of each adult next to choice.

Friday -- Pan seared chicken ____________________________________________

-- Lobster ____________________________________________

-- Filet Mignon ____________________________________________

Saturday -- Butter chicken ____________________________________________

-- Halibut ____________________________________________

-- Beef tenderloin ____________________________________________

______ Please check if you have any dietary restrictions and add these details on the back.

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