250th Burns' Celebrations

First in the World!

The Clan Munro New Zealand Branch, along with members of the Scottish Clans Association Auckland District, held the First in the World Burns’ Birthday Celebration at 8 a.m. New Zealand Time on 25 January! At the right of the picture is Margaret Weeden, Secretary of Clan Munro Association – New Zealand Branch.

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto:

Jo Ann attended the 250th Burns’ Birthday Celebration at the ROM in January. It was a delightful event, with a Burns poetry reading by Doug Gibson of the St. Andrew’s Society, Dances performed by Toronto Scottish Country Dance Association, Music performed by Baroque Music beside the Grange with instruments and music from Burns’ time, the Address to the Haggis and the Immortal Memory by Rev. Malcolm Sinclair, and Haggis and Shortbread refreshments during the intermission. One of the organizers of this event was Ian McGregor, Director of CASSOC, of which CMAC is a member.

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