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This is a photo taken at "Auchenrea", Bundalong, Victoria on the Golden Wedding anniversary of John and Sarah Munro on August 8, 1928.

The family photograph includes all of the offspring of John and Sarah except for the families of two of the sons Archibald and Robert Alexander, who had both purchased land in the Rankinís Names of those photographed-
Back Row, Left to Right:
Jack McPhail, John McPhail, Jean McPhail, Ted Williams, Howard McCurdy, Robert Williams.
Middle Row:
Donald Munro, nursing son Donald, Annie Carmichael McPhail, John Munro, Jane Campbell Williams (Jinnie), Hugh Munro with son John, Bowman Nixon with son Robert.
Third Row Ė sitting:
Annie Munro with daughter Jean, Nellie Munro, Sarah McCurdy nee Munro, John Munro, Sarah Elizabeth Munro (Cissy), Rene Munro with son Peter, Dorrie Nixon with daughter Dorothy.
Robert Munro, May Munro, Mavis McCurdy, Joyce Munro, Joyce McCurdy, Roy Munro.

This family story was sent to me by Ian Munro who farms at Rankinís Springs in New South Wales and the photo shows three generations of the family. This family is related to Neil Munro the writer Ė I did a story about him in one of the earlier newsletters and in fact, Ian was part of a DNA testing program which showed that all of the Loch Fyne Munros have a common ancestor and it looks as if they are descended from a Munro survivor of the battle of Flodden. Duncan Beaton, A cousin of Ian, has traced the family back to 1650 in Argyle (and I am green with envy). As I mentioned in the August newsletter, we have already found one member of Ianís family, so have a look at the photo and see if any of the good looking family members are familiar or if any of the names ring a bell.

(This article was originally sent to Don Munro - Editor of CMA-Australia's Newsletter)

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