As a Munro researcher are you burned up over documents that have burned? Lost about what to do over lost records? Right now do you have a way to connect with distant Munro cousins who might have Bible records or pictures that would be of interest to you? If not, consider participating in the Munro DNA Project. Will it give you all of the answers you need? Not necessarily. Will it open up a new avenue for research where there seems to be a brick wall? Definitely, yes!

The test management company for the Munro Project is Family Tree-DNA, based in Houston, Texas. It continues as one of the world’s leading companies for the use of DNA testing as a genealogical research tool. Since its inception in April, 2000, the company has been associated with the Arizona Research Labs, led by Dr. Michael Hammer, one of the world’s leading authorities in in the field of Genetics. There are 98,700 Y-DNA records in the database, which is several times larger than all of the other databases on the market. Currently Family Tree manages 4084 surname projects. Maintaining the privacy of participants is one of the hallmarks of the company. Extensive information about DNA testing can be learned on the web site at

For those wishing to participate in the project, it’s easily arranged. Simply call Family Tree-DNA in Houston at (713) 828-4200 and request to join the Munro Project. You will receive the group rate. Payment is by credit card. There are several levels of male Y-DNA tests to choose from. It is best to select the 25-marker or 37-marker test. In the event of a perfect match between you and another Munro on 25-markers, the results will reflect that the common ancestor lived 1-13 generations back from you. The cost is $148.00 USD (plus $2.00 shipping and handling charges). A perfect match on all 37-markers would reflect that the common ancestor lived from 1-7 generations back, well within the time frame of records and documentation. The cost is $189.00 USD, plus the shipping and handling charge.

Please understand that the DNA test will not give the name of the exact common ancestor that two participants share. It will only establish relatedness. From there you have the option of contacting your perfect match by e-mail. Hopefully that person will have the information that will help you in your research.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me at the address below. Once again, because different types of DNA tests are available, please specify that you want to order the Y-DNA test.

Margaret Dorris Bardin

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