Highland Line International

One of the members of Clan Munro Canada, Alan Wilson, created a line of Clan Crested flags and the first one he designed was Munro because of his ancestry (there were over 30 Clan flags).

In the summer of 2005, I was wandering through the grounds of Cawdor Castle near Nairn in Scotland, when I saw the laird's flag flying majestically atop the castle ramparts.  It filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride.  Wanting to bring back a piece of my heritage, I searched various souvenir shops in Inverness, trying to find my clan flag.  Disappointed, I realized such a symbolic representation of my ancestors could not be found.

 Over the next year, and after much research, I concluded that flags for clan members did not exist, at least not in the way I had envisioned.  There were flags with crests, and flags with thistles, but there weren't any that incorporated the tartan of the clan with the crest.

 So, I set out to create a memento of my heritage, something I would be proud to display at any occasion or venue.  What better way to remember our forefathers than to create a flag that reminds us of their courage and resolve?  I wanted something my children would be proud to show their friends, a representation of their history and a reminder of where they came from.

 Highland Line International is a family business dedicated to the preservation of Scottish culture and heritage.  The reason I chose Highland Line as a name is twofold.  Not only does it conjure up images of our heroic ancestors racing across battlefields shouting their war cries and flying the flags of their clan chiefs, but it represents the line from which all Scots, near and far, have come.

 I wanted to create a quality product, a fitting legacy to a proud and ancient culture.  Our products are made to exacting standards and come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Each Highland Line flag incorporates either the ancient or modern tartan of the clan and its respective crest.

 Highland Line flags are intended for indoor or outdoor use.  The flags are made to the highest standards from 70 denier high tenacity 'bright' nylon. All flags go through a rigorous process where the colours are locked in for long time use and are double stitched at the edges for added strength. Flags are made from many materials but we chose nylon for its light weight, durability and ability to meet our exacting colour standards. It will dry quickly after a rain and needs minimal maintenance when used outdoors.

Yours Sincerely, Alan Wilson  President and Founder, Highland Line International

  It is with regret that we report that Alan passed away in July 2015 and his flags are no longer available.

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