In CMAC is open to all:
1. of the name Munro, Munroe, Monro, Monroe;
2. of one of the Septs of Clan Munro, eg: Dingwall, Foulis, MacCulloch, MacLullich, Vass, etc;
3. as well as others, who by birth, marriage, or a real interest in the objects and purposes of CMAC are acceptable to the Canadian Council.

What CMAC Offers You

  • The Munro Beacon our newsletter, as a means of communication, four times a year
  • Historian/Librarian information and books relating to Scottish interests
  • Genealogist will check your ancestry in our database
  • Website information about CMAC; a bulletin board for posting queries; links to: our parent branch in Scotland (CM(A)), other branches of Clan Munro and other Scottish sites
  • Facebook a group site called CMAC for members to post pictures, video, and comments
  • Membership in a group of Scottish enthusiasts
Objects And Purposes of Clan Munro Association of Canada
1. The acknowledgement in practice of the spirit of the ancient motto, Biodh Eagal de Ort (The fear of the Lord be upon you), shortened to  Dread God.
2. The Continuance of the loyal tradition of the Clan.
3. Through nation-wide membership, CMAC seeks to confirm and strengthen the deep rooted virtues and aspirations of Clan, and the cultivation of a spirit of Kin and fellowship among members.
4. The fostering of the Gaelic language and the old songs and customs, including Highland dances.
5. Encourage the wearing of the Clan Tartans and also Highland dress, both day and evening wear.
6. The collection and preservation of records, traditions, and historical matters bearing on the Clan in general, not only in Canada, but elsewhere as well, and the study of the folk lore and other matters or things pertaining to the Clan Munro or the Scottish Highlands and the peoples thereof.
7. The assistance of persons eligible for membership in the Association and their spouses, children or dependants who are in necessitous or poor circumstances.

What You Offer to CMAC

You represent CMAC when you are a member
You help fulfill our Objects and Purposes
You can welcome new members and tell them of the services offered by our community and tell them about CMAC
You can submit items of information and articles for The Munro Beacon (CMAC's Newsletter)
You can attend Highland games
You can participate in Clan activities
You can offer your talents and services (play the pipes, drum, sing, dance, paint, write, knit, weave, photography, family history, be on the Executive Council, etc.)
You can be knowledgeable about your Scottish heritage and ancestry
You can taste and learn about Scottish foods, share a Munro or family recipe with us, tell us about Scottish restaurants in your area
You can tell us about Scottish shops or activities in your area
You bring many experiences and information that would enrich us all
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The Clan Munro Association of Canada