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31 Dec 2022

Julianna Dust

Seeking information on Neil and Catherine Munro, from Tain, Scotland. They were the parents of Janet Ross Munro who married Canadian soldier Joseph 'Joe' Durocher while he was deployed in Tain, Scotland. They had kids in Tain, Scotland, and then moved their family back to St.Albert/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where Joe was from, and had 6? more kids there. This is all I know about Neil and Catherine Munro.
From my research, the surnames "Ross" and "Munro" seem to be quite prevalent and respected in Tain's history, leading me to believe that Catherine's last name may have been Ross, hence why Janet's middle name is Ross?
Any info would help! Thank you!

16 Sep 2022

Susan Sweeney

My ancestor is John Munro, b. 28 Mar 1836 in Canada (son of Finlay Frank Munro 1791-1880 and Ellen Nellie McDougal 1801-1880), d. 9 Apr 1916 in Elk Twp., Peck, Sanilac, Michigan, USA. He married Flora McDougal, married c. 1850. Children:
*David Munro, b. 1854 in Canada, d. 1854;
*Nancy Munro, b. 5 Jun 1856 in Sanilac Co. MI; or Canada, d. 1897;
*Alex Munro, b. 24 Dec 1862 in Michigan, USA.
Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

15 June 2021

Marshall Clow

I am looking for any connections to my wife’s family. Her 4th great-grandfather was John A Monroe (1770-1851?) married Merry Meddaugh (1780-1841?) about 1800. John was born in Scotland, Merry in the USA. They received a 200 acre land grant in 1809 because Merry's father was UEL. I think that these are their children:
* William A Munro (1804-24-May-1885)
* Solomon Munro (1805-1887)
* Isabella Munro (1807-1869)
* Gilbert Munro (1809-1899)
* George Munro (1814-)
* Alexander Hector Munro (1817- 2-Mar-1895)
* Martin Andrew Munro (1821-1877) Martin was born about 1821 in Canada. In 1847, he married Margaret Elizabeth “Eliza” Johnston, who was born about 1830 in Canada. In 1861, they were living in Mountain, Dundas, Canada West. In 1871, they were living in Mountain, Dundas, Ontario. Martin died in 1877. In 1881, Eliza was living in Mountain, Dundas, Ontario. Eliza died on 29-Jun-1890 in Mountain, Dundas, Ontario. Martin and Eliza are buried together in Knight's Cemetery, Inkerman Ontario. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/138634882.
They had several children, including:
* Nancy Adelaide Munro (13 in 1861 – 8-Jun-1886)
* Thomas Munro (6-Jan-1849 -)
* Isabella Munro (22-Jan-1852 - 23-Jan-1922)
* Mary Ann Munro (16 in 1871 – 1928)
* Eliza Jane Munro (14-Sep-1858 - 12-Nov-1927)
* Martha Munro (2 in 1861 - 1-Sep-1922)
* Alice Maud Munro (9 in 1871 -)
* William Munro (7 in 1871 -)
* M John Munro (5 in 1871 -)
* Sarah Munro (2 in 1871 -)
* Lorenzo Munro (1871 – 14-Aug-1946)
Any information is greatly appreciated.

21 May 2021

Gwen Elizabeth Florence Munroe Gilbert

My name is Gwen Gilbert my dad was Gordon Munroe from Amherst Nova Scotia he married Doris McCann from New Glasgow Nova Scotia and they also had a son David. When I was young my mom moved to St.Catharines Ontario. I have never met my father or his family. For some reason they separated and stayed that until he died in December 1963. My mom never talks about my dad or his family. I have many questions. What was my dad like, does someone have pictures of him, why did they separated and I really don’t know if I was born in St. Catharines or in Amherst. My mom remarried and my step dad adopted me and my brother and I don’t have my original birth certificate. Any information is greatly appreciated.

17 Jan 2021

John MacLennan

Margaret Munro was born in 1896 in Ross- Shire. She lived for a time in Muir of Ord (Inverness) in the Forbes Building (as did my paternal Grandfather). She moved to Montreal around 1910 and lived in the St. Henri district of Montreal. She was active in the St. Andrew's Society until her passing in 1968. If anyone has any information or perhaps pictures from the Society in the 60's, it would be greatly appreciated.

12 Nov 2020

Cheryl Christensen

Hello to all Munro folks and their descendants. Greetings from the U.S.A. I'm finally getting around to researching my Scottish Munro ancestors and I find myself lost in a sea of confusion and misinformation. I was hoping somebody here could straighten me out.
I'm looking for information on Neil Munro born 1773 Scotland (possibly Kilmeford, Argyllshire area) and died 4 Dec. 1835, Southwold, ON. Wife was Agnes McPherson (1785 – 26 Mar 1855). Both are buried at Finegal cemetery, Finegal, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. I'm hoping to tie this Neil Munro with others who wound up in Canada. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/95089387/neil-munro
Some of the children were: (Way too many for this post)
John Munro: b. 1807 - Melford, Kilmelford Parish, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 27 Feb 1880, Southwold Twp., Elgin Co., ON
Duncan Munro: b. 8 Aug 1811, Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland, d. 19 Jul 1889, Alderborough, Elgin Co, ON
Colin Munro: b. 15 May 1819, North Knapdale Parish, Argyllshire, Scotland, d. 01 Feb 1884, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
Archibald (Redhouse) Munro: b. 12 Oct 1822, North Knapdale Parish, Argyllshire, Scotland. d. 26 May 1908, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., ON.
My Great-great great grandfather NEIL MUNRO b. 12 Feb 1817, d. 10 May 1884, Suamico, Brown Co., WI. m. Flora Hair. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/84209622/neil-munro
I read somewhere that Neil Munro (1773) may have been the son of Donald Munro who died December 20, 1806, Round Bay, NS
"Daniel Munro joined the 77th Regiment of Foot raised by Colonel Montgomery at Sterling,Scotland. The regiment was called Montgomerie’s Highlanders. Colonel Montgomery’s commission date was 4 Jan 1757. The 77th Regiment was engaged in the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and commenced operations in 1758. Soldiers were discharged in 1763 and if they agreed to stay in the colony they were given land grants. Daniel Munroe received 200 acres of land in Hoosick, Albany County, NY. Today, Hoosick is part of Rensselaer County. Daniel Munro in his loyalist claim states that he farmed his land in Hoosick, Albany NY and had a loss of £187. In a letter from a Mr. Daniel B. Bratt, a member of the ’Committee of Safety’ for Hosack (Hoosick) dated 29 August 1775, he writes of the committee going to John Munro’s in West Shaftsbury (Vermont) and as his brother, Donald (often interchanged with Daniel) Munroe lived close, to seize him and bring him there.
Sometime between 1775 and 1779 the Committee of Safety confiscated his land. John Munro was apparently exonerated at that time but later it is found that John Munro's [of Shaftsbury (Vermont)] land is also confiscated. It is stated in the letter of Mr. Daniel B. Bratt, that John Munroe is the son of Col. Hugh Munroe. This would be a possible identification of Daniel Munro’s father if he and John are, in fact, brothers..." Thank you for any further information.

3 Nov 2020

Lloyd Howse

My great grandfather is a Wick area Munro that emigrated with his family and a Sinclair in-law and his family. They came directly to Saskatchewan in 1904 where they worked as horsemen on a horse ranch located where the provincial capital is now. They then struck off on their own. Any further information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

21 Oct 2020

Marvin A. Scott

Looking for the parents of James Cornelius Munro, b. 23 Oct 1835, Williamsburg, ON, d. 27 Feb 1891, m. Elizabeth Jane Christie, b. 10 Mar 1833 (dau of Robert Christie and Rachel Catherine Sands), d. 19 Jan 1917. Any information much appreciated. Thank you.

7 Aug 2020

Stuart Skillings

Looking for more info on ancestor Alexander Munro, Puget Sound Agriculture Co or Hudson's Bay Company, 1824-1911, Victoria, BC, Canada. Thank you.

20 Mar 2020

Violet Tisam

My Grandfather Duncan Munro 12/08/1880 – 11/06/1954 left his siblings in Canada as he had to look for a warm climate and ended up here in the Cook Islands. He had injuries from the 1st W.War and needed to live in a warm climate. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

17 Feb 2020

Shirley Johnston

I would like to determine the parents and siblings of Robert “Bert” Munro, born circa 1920 and died prior to 2008, when his wife died. He married Helen M. Beal (1927-2008). They lived in Ontario, Canada near London/Cambridge. Thank you.

2 Jan 2020

Guillermo Munro Palacio

Hello! I am trying to get info about my family. My Grandfather Duncan Munro came from Canada. His brother was William Munro. I don't have more info. My grandfather was a mining engineer and he traveled to San Francisco and worked the rest of his life in Mexico. First to San Ignacio in Lower California, them in Guaymas Sonora Mexico, then he moved to Oaxaca, Mexico City and Sinaloa... How can I get more information? Thank you Guillermo Munro Palacio

25 Sep 2019

Marlee White

Hello, I don’t know much about my paternal side except that my biological father's name is Peter Munro born either Feb 17 or 19 1958/1959. My mom described him as being 6’3” with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. He had a brother who in 1992 had passed and another brother named Mike. His parents were a Doctor (father) and physiotherapist (mother) in London, ON, who were approximately 60 in 1992. His family was from London and and there were a total of 5 boys. In 1992 he lived at 81 Woodlawn Ave West in Toronto Ontario. Thank you.

Aug 2019

David Boggie

Looking for Jack Munro, to give information about brother Jim, and sister Agnes

10 July 2019

Coral Bentley

I've known since childhood that my grandmother (Nellie Mary (Twerdun) Swereda) had a son by a man who wasn't her husband. Dad was born on December 23, 1941. I'm not sure if my dad was told who he is or not; my Uncle Stan recently told me that his mom should have told him who his father was, that he deserved to know the truth. My Uncle John had written an essay about his earlier years for a school project, and he shared it with me before he died. He stated that my dad's father's name was Frank Monroe.
My mom told me that this person was killed in 'the war.' I did a little reading, saw that the only war which fit the time frame was World War II. I searched some more; there was only one Monroe listed among the Canadians. That one is who I've gained this information about - and honestly, I don't know if he's my grandfather or not. My sister said he was an American; there is only one Monroe listed as having served in the war - Scotty - so I think Frank had moved to Canada.

29 Jan 2019

Shelley Gilbert

I am looking for any information on a Gordon Munroe, born in Amherst Nova Scotia. His parents where James Munroe and mother Florence Munroe (Manship was her maiden name) Gordon was born 1920 and died 1963. Thank you

23 Jan 2019

Dianne Bray

My 3 x great grandfather was Joseph Munro born in Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland in about 1786. He later married Esther Leger in Ireland and is recorded listed as having been a private in the 5th garrison Battalion and quartered in Roscrea at the time of his marriage (1814). He may also have served as a private in the 42nd Foot Soldiers (aka Royal Highland Regiment, The Black Watch), 2nd Battalion. I am trying to find out anything further about him that I can – his parents or siblings. Thank you

22 Jan 2019

Christopher Munro

I’m trying to find information on my family, here is what I have: my grandfather's name is William Auld Munro, from Nova Scotia, Canada. His mother's name was Pearl and she had a sister named Betty, they are connected to the Aulds and were in Cape Breton in the early 1900s as far as I know. Any information is appreciated. Thank you

6 Jan 2019

Addie Belcher

Mark Edward McCanna was born as Mark Edward Munro in Thunder Bay in July 17, 1962. His mother was a Munro. He was put up for adoption at birth and would like to determine who his biological parents are. We are searching for “mother Munro”. If you have any knowledge of who this could be, please contact me. Thank you

16 Nov 2018

Melissa Lynne Keigher

Hello, My name is Melissa Lynne Keigher and I am a 3rd Great-Grand-daughter of Hannah Munro, b.c. 1837 Fife, Scotland, daughter of Alexander Munro & Christian Kinnear. Hannah's maternal grandparents were: Wemyss Kinnear & Hannah Brown.
What I have:
Alexander Munro m. 20 July 1834 Leven, Fife, Scotland, Christian Kinnear. Alexander Munro died before his daughter married in 1858.
Son: Alexander Munro Jr., b. 1834. Also, Daughter: Hannah Munro, b.c. 1837, m. George Masterton, b. 19 Feb 1835. The rest of my family tree follows Hannah & George's line.
Hannah & brother Alexander grew up with her grandparents: Hannah Kinnear, nee Brown.
My Lineage:
Wemyss Kinnear & Hannah Brown, married 1806, Scoonie Parish, Fife, Scotland
Daughter Christian Kinnear marries Alexander Munro, m. 1834, Leven, Fife, Scotland
Daughter Hannah Munro marries George Masterton, m. 1858, Leven, Fife, Scotland
Daughter Isabella Forrester Masterton marries James Rattray Nicholson, m. 1893, Leven, Fife, Scotland
Daughter Euphemia Raeburn Nicholson marries Henry Tait, m. 1925, Leven, Fife, Scotland
Son James Black Tait marries Margaret Cora Galway, m. 1947, Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Margo Elaine Tait marries Michael John Keigher, m. 1971 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Melissa Lynne Keigher ~ me. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Any information you have on this line would be so greatly appreciated! I have been researching the Munro Clan and would so love to know how I fit.
Many thanks, Melissa

12 Nov 2018

Marilyn Law

I do not know much about my paternal side; the Munro side and would like to know more. I was born in Toronto in 1964. All I know about my father is that his name was Roger Munro and he had a number of siblings and his parents have been deceased for years. Most lived in ON.
I know he has a brother named Owen who lives in BC and a younger brother named Harlon (I think) who lives in ON. Roger was married to my mother, Doris Calder (of BC) in the 1960's and they lived in ON. Roger may had another wife around the same time and I know he was arrested in the 60's as well. Burglary I believe.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Marilyn G Munro

4 Oct 2018

Paul Coates Munro

My father is Ross Munro and his father was James Munro and his father was Donald Munro. I'm quite sure he was in the Black Watch during WW1. I was told he came from Nova Scotia. My Great Grandfather Donald Munro was a lumberman and spent quite a bit of time in his later years in BC. I'm trying to find more history of him and my Munro name and how it dates back.

13 Sep 2018

Bruce Rose

My gr. gr. gr. grandmother was named Catherine Munro (sometimes Munroe) and married John Rose, whose family emigrated from Croy Parish, Invernesshire to upstate New York in 1774. John was a private in Butlers Rangers in the American Revolution and came to Canada following that war settling in Matilda/Mountain Township, Dundas County ONT (presumably with a land grant from the British government). He is listed on the UEL website as a confirmed Loyalist.
Both John and Catherine are buried in South Dixon’s Corners Cemetery (Matilda Township). Catherine died in 1850 aged 76 yrs. (making her birth year 1774). The editor’s note on the Cemetery website says: “Christian Guardian of 19 Mar 1851 Mrs. Catherine Rose, an early settler in this part of the Province .... died in Matilda Twp. 29th Nov 1850 in her 76th year.” I have found no record of when and where they were married, but would suspect that it would have been locally.
I have found almost nothing on Catherine’s origins or parentage other than a single item in a book titled “The Story of Dundas, being a History of the County of Dundas from 1784 to 1904” written by J. Carter Smythe and published in 1905. The entry reads: “ALEXANDER MUNRO and his wife came from Inverary, Argyleshire, and settled on Lot 14, concession 4, Matilda. Their children were William, John, Jennie, Catherine (Mrs. John Rose), Isabella, Mary Ann.”
If you have any information on Alexander Munro or Catherine I would appreciate it very much if you could respond. Thank you very much.

13 Aug 2018

Mary Hurry

Looking for any information on Alexander Munro, master mariner, who lived at Crockster Toll Bar, Olrig, Caithness and his family. His wife was Ann Swanson. Suspect they moved to Canada/USA poss around 1800, as they were not on the Scotland Census. Any information from descendants would be very much appreciated. Thank you

19 Aug 2018

Lesley Speechley-Brown

I am searching for any family members from India who have this family in their family tree:
Bertrom Munro, and his sister: Myrtle Whyte Munro
Bertrom Munro married May Teresa Robertson in India. She had previously married Victor Albert Speechley. Need information on Bertrom and Myrtle so I can finish my family tree. Can any one help please?

25 May 2018

H. Fraser

Would like to find out what happened to my great uncle after he left Scotland in 1924. His name was William Munro and he came from Loch Broom, Ullapool, Ross and Cromarty. He was born about 1900 and arrived at Ellis Island in July 1924. Thank you.

25 Apr 2018

Chris Munro

I am particularly interested in my Munro family origins from 1846, commencing with the birth of John Cardno Munro, born 19th May 1846 at Aberdeen. John’s parents were Kenneth Munro, a leather merchant and Isabella Cardno.
John Cardno Munro married Mary Mackie on 22nd June 1887. While both were living in George Street, Aberdeen, their marriage took place at Windmill Street, Peterhead. John’s occupation at the time was a flesher (butcher). Mary Mackie was born on 17th August 1864 at Manse Street, Fraserburgh. Her parents were George Mackie, a merchant seaman and Catherine McNeill. On 5th December 1887 John Munro, the first child of John and Mary Munro was born at 294 George Street, Aberdeen.
Twin children, Alexander Munro, and James M Munro were born 6th December 1888 at George Street, Aberdeen. Two years later William Ingram Munro was born on 29 November 1890 at 294 George Street, Aberdeen. The 1891 census records the whole family residing at George Street, Aberdeen. John Cardno Munro is listed as a butcher.
By 1893 the family had moved to 80 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen where on 21 March 1893 the young James Munro died of rickets. The family however continued to expand in numbers. Isabella Cardno Munro was born 14th August 1893 at 91 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen. Next was Margaret Munro who was born 13th August 1895 at 91 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen. The family moved again, now to 17 Millbank Lane, Aberdeen, where David Munro was born on 17th June 1897. Charles Stuart Munro was also born at 17 Millbank Lane on 11th June 1899 and Robert Munro (my Father born on 6th November 1904.
The 1901 Census shows John Cardno Munro, butcher, his wife and four of their children are recorded at 17 Millbank Lane (Robert is yet to be born. John, James, Alexander and William are no longer at the family home. We know that James died in 1893 but where were the others?
Further searches of the 1901 census revealed that a William Munro is at the Oakbank Industrial School for Boys in Aberdeen and Alexander Munro is in the Quarrier’s Village, Bridge of Weir. Since these are the only two with these names born in Aberdeen and of appropriate ages it can, at least, be assumed these are the same Munro boys. Oakbank Industrial School and Quarriers Villages were both institutions established to support children of families with social and sometimes financial challenges. Of John, the eldest son, as yet no further records have come to light. Death records for William or Alexander have yet to be found. However many of the Quarriers children were sent to Canada!
John Cardno Munro died 25th August 1906 at Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen. Mary Munro (nee Mackie) died 18th October 1936 at 23 Willow Drive, Aberdeen David Munro died 21st April 1955. Isabella Cardno Munro died 14 December 1964. She had married a Harry Milne. Charles Stuart Munro died 2nd March 1974. He was married twice. Robert Munro (my Father born 6th November 1904 died 1972).
Any further information is greatly appreciated.

10 Jan 2018

Guy Munro

I would appreciate if anyone could give me information about where my ancestor came from. His name was John Munro and he died in Quebec on March 9 1825, aged 80. He had been a merchant in Quebec. John Munro was married to Marie (Mary) Stuart who was the daughter of Murdoch Stuart and Jeanne-Angélique Cartier. John Munro had 10 children. Thank you

4 Jan 2018

Mary Alkins

My g grandmother was Annie Munroe/Munro. She was from Maxville / Martintown Ontario. She Married John Malcolm McLennan. I recently did my Ancestry DNA and trying to connect more dots. What was interesting was that I connected to ancestors that were in Nova Scotia in the 1750's. Was there a large presence of Munro's in Nova Scotia there at that time? I'm trying to figure out which family line would've been in NS.
My family history is in the book published in 1986 "The Kennedys-MacDiarmids McDermids-Munros and other Glengarry-Stormont Pioneers".
Specifically my line starts in Canada with David Munro and Nancy McKay 1773. Indentured papers signed by Capt Munro. I think they were cousins. David was in the KRR of NY 1776 and eventually ended up in Glengarry after the war. I've read up some on the Munroe's. I'm sure there were many of them. Probably going to NS as well. So much more but...... Closer to my direct line was Donald Munroe marrying Catherine McDermid. Parents of my g grandmother Annie Munroe 1866-1938 Maxville Ontario.
I'd love to know more about extended family especially now that my DNA results connect me with NS in the 1750's.
Thank you

Repost From 28 May 2014

Hugh Munro

Greetings from Hugh Munro:
I’ve spent the last 10 years building up my family tree which now numbers over 9,000 individuals, but not all are Munros!
So far, I’ve found no evidence of emigration to North America from my branch of Munros. However, there are some ancestors who “disappear” after being born and have little or no appearance in censuses and/or no trace of marriage or death certificates. They may be candidates for emigration.
The purpose of this message is to offer North American Munros information on any Munros who may be descended from the following, and emigrated:
1) John Munro (born about 1756 and believed to have died in 1829 in Achlach, Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland) and his wife Marion McKay.
2) Their son, Donald Munro (born 1778 in Dornoch and died 1864 in Hurlet, Renfrewshire) and his wife Janet Elder (born in Killearnan, Ross & Cromarty and died in 1862 in Hurlet, Renfrewshire).
3) Janet Elder Munro, daughter of the above Donald and Janet, may have emigrated, while her other 7 siblings all died in Scotland.
4) Hugh Munro (son of the above John Munro and Marion McKay) born in November 1786 in Dornoch and may have emigrated
5) John Munro (son of the above John Munro and Marion McKay) born in April 1792 in Dornoch and may have emigrated.
Best wishes, Hugh Munro

In anyone has information or is interested in the above, please contact Hugh directly 

17 Mar 2017

Evan Morton

Could anyone possibly identify an Allen Munroe, who built a saw mill and a grist mill, establishing a settlement in 1835 called Munroe's Mills, later Hungerford Mills and then TWEED, Ontario? He sold the property in 1839 and disappeared from this area. Thanking you for any information. Sincerely, Evan Morton, Curator, Tweed & Area Heritage Centre.

1 Jan 2017

Shirley Kauk

Hello I am looking for relatives of my Grampa who was born 23 Feb 1889 in Inverness. My Grampa came to Canada after WW1 with my Gram (Florence Georgina Taylor) and they were married in Winnipeg MB. I know his brother Bill came also and was married to an Alice (no kids) and maybe an Uncle Donald? My Dad (John Edward Munro, born 24 October 1921) talked about his Uncles in Winnipeg. I believe Donald had no children also. My Dad never ever talked of his Dad’s family and Grampa died in 1949 after the WW2. His lungs were so bad after the war. I was not born until 1957 so have no info of him only pictures.
If anyone can help please contact me.

18 Dec 2016

Jennifer Logan

Hello- I'm looking for any information regarding my 2x grand-parents. I've been on ancestry.com but the trail ends and I’m wondering if the names and initials I have are actually even correct. I've found conflicting birth records for John G. Munroe, one for 1856 and another 1861. My great-grandfather was Robert Irving Munro 11/27/1897 born in Union Center, NS, and had a brother William, I believe. Robert (Irving) married Bessie Aileen Langille, and lived in Pictou county, NS. I don't have access to Canadian ancestry.com records, but with the months of digging up records, none seem to add up. Are there any relatives of William Munro- perhaps I can try that route to find the 2x greats. Thanks. Jennifer Munro.

May 24 2016

Kelly Meenagh

My name is Kelly Meenagh. My mother, who has passed away, has asked me to attempt to locate a gentleman she knew in the 1950s by the name of Keith Munroe. I have some information that she asked me to give him.

They knew each other in Calgary in 1955. I believe he was in his mid twenties at that time, so he would have been born around 1930. Keith was not from Calgary but worked there at the time, I believe for an airline company.

I am not sure if Keith is still living at this time. If anyone has any information that would be helpful I would appreciate if you would let me know.

Thank you, Kelly Meenagh

8 Mar 2016

Jeremy Hudson Munroe

My name is Jeremy Munroe, I am contacting you in the search for information regarding one of my ancestors.

I have been able to trace, using ancestry.com, my father's line for sure back to Hiram David Munroe, who was born on 22/4/1877 in Hopewell, Nova Scotia. He died on the 18th of March 1912 (very young, only 35) in Marlborough MA where my family remains to this day.

His father, one Hector Munro, is where the line stops for me on Ancestry and I was wondering if you might have any information on this line. Hector, I think, was born on 15 February 1833 in "West bank east river" Nova Scotia, and Died on 14 Sept 1910 in "Eureka" Nova Scotia. His wife was named Elizabeth Ann MacKay.

I haven't been able to find more info than this, on his parents or other ancestors. I thought, being the Clan Munro Association Canada Genealogist you might have records I don't have access to.

Any help you could provide would be wonderful. I am hoping to make a trip some day where I visit the places my family came from, and so finding my way back to Scotland is the ultimate goal.

Thank you,
Jeremy Hudson Munroe

20 Mar 2015

David MacLeod

Information for Evan Munro, posting of March 2012
Hi Evan,
My grandfather and your great grandfather, Hugh, were cousins. I live at the Ferry House (Achuvouldrach is the name of the croft) where they both grew up. I can go back a bit further; although the dates have not been verified but are approximate.
Robert Munro was born c1815/16. He married Janet MacKay on 19/3/1845. Roberts' father was Donald, born in Durness parish (probably Eribol) in 1790. He married Catherine MacKay on 10/1/1812 and moved to Achuvouldrach some time before 1837. He took the position of assistant ferryman becoming the head ferryman about 1840. In 1853 he moved into the newly built Ferry House next to the croft (which he continued to work). He was succeeded as ferryman by his son Robert, grandson John and finally his g. grandson Robert Alexander (Alec), my grandfather.
Donald's father was James Munro born 19/3/1767. He was a weaver and married a Janet MacKay on 20/11/1789. His father was Murdoch Munro born c1730. I believe Murdoch's father was another Donald whose father was another Murdoch.
They all lived on what is now Eribol Farm but was then a township controlled by a Munro who was related to the clan chief and also to the chief of the clan MacKay.
It is possible that we also are connected to the those chiefs but it should not be assumed as it was common for people to take the name of the chief on whose land they resided.
I am sorry to hear that your grandfather is no longer with us. I remember him from visits home in the 1960s.
I hope this is helpful. David Macleod, Ferry House, Melness, IV27 4YL

8 Mar 2015

David L. Innes

I am looking for information on the children of George Munro (1821-1890) and Harriet Grosvenor Wadman (1849-1913). George Munro was a son of Alexander Munro (1770-1856) and Euphemia Campbell ( 1789-1882). He married Harriet Grosvenor Wadman in 1874. My grandmother was Lottie Blanche Hood Munro (1877-1962), one of the daughters of George Munro and Harriet Grosvenor Wadman. The other children of George and Harriet were Andrew Thomas Munro, Freddy Hinson Munro, Annie Myrtle Munro, and George Ulysses Grant Munro. There may have also been a daughter , Katherine Euphemia Munro by a previous marriage.

Jan 25 2015

Devin Monroe

My family on the Monroe side has been in Prince Edward County for over 150 years first settling there in South Marysburg township near Babylon Road. I am trying to find when my family first came to Canada and if they came directly from Scotland or if they made any other stops in other countries along the way. I would also be interested to now if they settled directly in Prince Edward County or if they settled somewhere else with in Canada first.
I am particularly interested in finding out more about Daniel Monroe (he possibly had a variation and may have gone by Munroe or Munro) born about 1804. I have proof he existed and of his death but no proof of his birth. I have heard from my family that they think he came from Scotland but I have not found any records of immigration, baptism or birth as of yet. The Canadian census records I have found mention Scotland as birthplace and one says "Glengarry". His occupation in one census record said he was a cooper (making casks, barrels, buckets, tubs, butter churns etc.). He married Elizabeth Burlingham (B. 1818 in Whitby, Ontario) in 1832 They had 5 children and they would be my 3rd great grandparents. Their son Henry Monroe (b 1840 South Marysburg - Prince Edward County) would be my 2nd great grandfather.
Ultimately my goal is to trace my family history on all sides back as far as I can and pick up any details and stories I can along the way. I've hit a road block here with Daniel and finding his origins/parents etc.  If anyone can corroborate any information about Daniel Monroe that I have provided or if you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Nov 10 2014

Wendy Munro

Looking for information on Malcolm Munro born 1802 in Killlean, Argyll. Died around 1892.  Married Flory (Flora) McMillian in S. Knapdale 1829.  Had 8 children: Malcolm, Fraser, Nancy, Neal, Duncan, Flory and Mary.  Have traced the paternal family tree back this far and have reached an impasse.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Nov 8 2014

William Merle Munro Jr

I am looking for half brother that I've never met and am pretty sure doesn't know I exist. His name is David Wayne Munro. His mother's maiden name was Lin Eaton and our father went by Merle Munro. David was born in Seattle at Ballard Hospital on July 11 1963. Thank you

Oct 8 2014

Amanda Page Munro

My birth dad's name is Grant Garson Munro born in November 1942. He had siblings but it is unknown how many, and he may have had a brother named Dan or Don. From my understanding he resided in Chatham, ON, and moved in the late 60's to Vancouver, BC and stayed. He was a photographer in Vancouver as well. He passed on in May of 1983 in Vancouver, and police were unable to find his family. He had dark wavy hair and blue eyes.
His mother might have passed on prior to 1970 but this could be incorrect. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated as I have to come to wall after wall in search of my family history.

Sep 19 2014

Ronald Fane Munro

My forebears came from Ross & Cromarty and went to Canada at the time of the clearances. My GG Grandfather Philip Munro(e) born Montreal 1831 . Father was John and mother Sarah. Philip came to Australia , married Isabella Collins from Abbotsleigh (Bristol) Eng. in Liverpool, NSW 1858. I would like to trace the deaths of his parents, probably in Canada, and their marriage, probably in Scotland and births and deaths of any other children.

Mar 13 2014

Lisa MK

I am looking for any information regarding a George Munroe who was born in Nova Scotia on 4/25/1810 (I believe). He emigrated to the United States probably in the late 1820s and settled in Salem, Massachusetts. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!!

Jan 31 2013


My great grandfather Alexander Munro, born Banff, 1855; Great grandmother, Jeannie (McPherson) Munro, born abt 1857, Peterhead, in 1901 census she is listed as head of household. Children Andrew Jameson McPherson Munro, 1881, Lossiemouth, Elgin; Jane Munro, 1886; Robert Munro, 1887, Buckie; Margaret Ann Munro, 1891, Gordonsborough; Helen Munro, 1893, Buckie; Alexandria Ina Munro, 1895, Gordonsborough, Buckie; William W Munro, 1897; my grandmother said her dad Alexander was killed in horse accident when she was very young, family notes say cousin Bella McPherson and aunt Maggie Gill Would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Jan 22 2013

Neil Munro

Seeking info on Neil Munro born 1860 in Scotland. Came to Canada then USA, Minnesota. Daughter Mabel Ann Munro my grandmother.

Jan 06 2013

Dave Lussier

Just found out that John Munro and Charlotte Girard are my 6th great grandparents. John Munro was supposedly born about 1734-1736 in Kilmore, Ross-shire, Scottish Highlands. He joined the 78th Fraser Highlanders in April 1757. He came to Quebec and fought in many battles during the french_indian War (1757-1763). The 78th Fraser Highlanders were disbanded in Dec. 1763. John Married Charlotte Girard on June 15, 1772 @ St Joseph de Levis, Quebec, Canada. John's parents are listed as John Munro (Born abt 1711 at St Denis Parish), Kilmore?? His mother is listed as Charlotte Leblond (may have been born in France around 1710-1711) John Munro and Charlotte Girard had 4 children:

Marie Charlotte Munro b; 18 May 1773 @ St-Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada
Marie Louise Munro b; 16 Oct 1774 @ St-Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada
Marie Angélique Munro b; 30 May 1776 @ St-Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada
Jean Philippe Munro b; 30 May 1776 @ St-Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada

Any information about this family is greatly appreciated.

Dec 29 2012

Mary F. Williamson, UE

I am finally, after many years, directing my attention to the publication of the Reminiscences of my great-grandfather Charles Robert Peterkin (1841-1932): his life as a boy in Aberdeen, the voyage to Canada, and his first two years here (1853-5). His mother was Marjorie (May) Munro (1807-1846) born in Nairn. I have found her and siblings on Ancestry but would love to learn more. She died in Aberdeen in childbirth.

I would appreciate it if you think there might be a connection with your Ontario Munros. I think I have exhausted Scotlands People, but perhaps not -- that was a few years ago although I recently re-joined (and am having trouble bringing up records). I inherited an 1852 book about Australia with John Munro's name written inside-- I don't know what relation he was to May.

The Reminiscences were written when my g-grandfather was in his 80s -- too long for an article but a little short for a book. I edited it down in the Fall for publication in the Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland Family History Society Journal, but then the whole editorial team was dismissed and that project came to an end. Just as well as they didn't really have room for much of it! I do want to include a family tree -- or more than one. I have lots of illustrations, the MS is typed, and I am ready to go!

Any suggestions re the Munros would be appreciated. I could send you details of the few members of the family I know.

Best wishes,

Mary F. Williamson, UE

Jun 18 2012

Scott Munro

I am searching for genealogical data concerning my grandfather Duncan Munro and his family. They came from Ulva, the small island off the west coast of Scotland.  Both he and his brother Andrew settled here in Canada in the 1920’s. My grandfather settling here in Ontario and Andrew settling in Nova Scotia.  Other members of the family included 4 sisters: Effie, Tina, Bella and Kate ( her son is popular Gaelic singer Archie Maclean).  Another brother Neil was killed in World War I.

Apr 14 2012

Julia Sierk

My gr-gr-grandfather was Hugh Lindsay Munro, husband to Margaret Forbes. He was b. 1818 in Edinburgh but married in Ontario in 1853, d 1898 in Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska. She was b 1826 in Glasgow and also buried in Ft. Calhoun. I would be most grateful if anyone has information on Hugh’s or Margaret’s families from Scotland.

Mar 17 2012

Evan Munro

I have recently lost my grandfather, his name was James MacKenzie Munro and he was born in Durness Sutherland, Scotland on November 29th, 1929. His parents names were, Hugh William and Georgina Munro. His father Hugh was born September 3rd 1908 in Gobernuisgach, Parish of Durness, Sutherlandshire and died on April 15th, 1975. His wife Geogina MacKay Munro had but two children my grandfather James and his sister Joan and passed away October 28th 1983. Hugh's father James Munro married Georgina MacKenzie Munro who passed away at a young age while giving birth to twins, they had all together six children, Robert, Hugh, Jessie, Josephine and twins, Georgina and John.  Now I know that James was born November 6th 1862 and died shortly after his wife, leaving the six children orphaned. James father's name was Robert Munro who is from
Achulvadrach, Tongue but this is where my family tree with all my research has ended. I am looking to find out more of who my ancestors are before the late 1800's.
Any information regarding something you may know would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Feb 23 2012

Eileen Cunningham

I am searching for genealogical data concerning Donald Munro, who I understand was an alderman of Outremont, Quebec, in the early to mid-twentieth century. He was the uncle of my mother, Alice Munro, daughter of William Munro (b. 1871) and Helen Green Bain Munro. Does anyone have information about Donald or his descendants?
Thank you, Eileen Cunningham

Jan 12 2012

Peter Elston

I am researching the side of my family that moved to British Columbia. Anne Munro married Peter Campbell who lived in Aberfoyle. Their son Henry John Quick Campbell who is my grandfather was born in Aberfoyle and his mother Anne next appear in Victoria, Canada. Henry returns to the UK in 1915 and joins the 262 regiment. I understand that he could have been a pilot and lost an arm? He marries my grandmother in 1918 and they have 3 daughters. The marriage fails and Henry returns to Canada in 1923, Henry dies 1975 in Saanich aged 82. I never met my grandparents and would be interested to know if there were further marriages’ and/or any information regarding Anne Munro’s family tree.

Jan 12 2012

Chuck Munro

I don't know much about my family, because I am told they didn't talk much about themselves or their history. It seems there may have been some bad blood or a falling out along the way. I can tell you what I am reasonably sure to be fact and what is likely true.
George F Munro was definitely born in Scotland, and if it wasn't in Inverness, it was around Inverness. The family may have just used that name as it would be the largest city in that area. I'm putting his birth year at around 1815, but that could be +/- 5 years or more. Family legend has it that the first born son was typically named George and the first born girl was typically named Grace. Other common family names are Hugh and James.
George immigrated to Canada, although I'm not sure if he came by himself or with other members of his family. It was said that he was a doctor and that his father may have possibly been a doctor. At any rate, the girl he married, Carrie Bates, was born in Canada. Based on one of their son’s birth year of 1845, I would guess that George and Carrie married around 1840.
The only child that we know of is a son named Hugh James Munro, born 1845 around Quebec. Hugh refused to talk about his family to any of his children, but bits and pieces of his background came to be known. We think that he had an older brother and sister, and it was Hugh James Munro who told the story about the first born son and daughter having the names George and Grace. The story goes that Hugh and his father, George, had some sort of falling out when Hugh was a young man, and Hugh either ran away from home or just left when he was old enough. He got odd jobs working on the railroad and prospecting in the United States. He married in 1875, which is somewhat late for that time period. I'm positive that I have family in Canada, and I'm reasonably sure I have cousins in Scotland. Just where are they??!!
Hugh had two children, George and Grace. That George had several children, one of which became my grandfather.
Any further information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Sep 27 2011

Ron Hausmann

I am researching my wife's family. Her great, great, great grandfather, David Phillips, married Ann Munro in 1861. He was born in Upper Canada about 1836. His mother, Catherine Phillips, lived with him in Grass Lake. I think his father was Richard Phillips who married Catherine in 1827. They lived in Mount Pleasant and later they moved to Ancaster. Richard Phillips died in 1845. Richard was married to somebody else before Catherine. He lived in LeRoy, New York before moving to Canada. I have found one paper that says he forced with Butler's Rangers. According to this account, he was captured and sent to jail in Connecticut. Do you know some person who could help me research this further? Ron Hausmann

Sep 16 2011

Girija Viraraghavan

We are interested in contacting the descendants of General Sir William Munro, CB, 39th Regiment, soldier and botanist, 1818-1880, who botanised in India, among other places, including Canada. While botanising In India he discovered a rose species called Rosa involucrata in Mysore State in Southern India. This rose species which is now called Rosa clinophylla, is a rose we are hybridising with and have released a number of Hybrids with the International Rose Registration Authority. We have many seedlings that we are testing before release, and we would like to name one in memory of General William Munro.  We would be delighted to get in touch with any of his descendants to inform them of our desire to name a rose in memory of their ancestor.  We hope you will be able to put us in contact with members of his family.  Thanking you
Girija and Viru Viraraghavan; Hillview, Fernhill Road; Kodaikanal; South India

Aug 23 2011

Elizabeth Gurney

I am searching for anyone who knows the whereabouts of descendants of James Munro. He was born in Westbury on Trym, Bristol, England in 1835 and married Sarah Masters in Bristol c.1858. Sarah died in 1868 and James emigrated with 3 of his 5 children to Belleville, Hastings, Ontario. These children were: William H., James and Sarah. James Sr, married again and had 3 more children: Jessy, Edith and Frank. He is a widower again in the 1881 census. Of his 6 children in Canada, William became a music teacher and James is a tin smith. I can find nothing about any of them after the 1901 census. I am descended from James' eldest son Hector John Munro who remained in England.  Thank you, Elizabeth (Munro) Gurney.

July 11 2011

Sarah Amrose

I'm looking for information on following Munros. I will give you what I have in hope maybe you can steer me in the right direction. 
John Hart, b. 1844, Bradfordshire, England, m. 1 Jan 1880 Jane Munro, Oxford, ON, Parents: Wm & Esther Hart
Jane Munro, b. 27 Nov 1844, Zorra, Lanark, ON, m. 1 Jan 1880 to John Hart, Oxford, ON, d. 23 Mar 1904,  Tatlock, Lanark, ON, Parents: Barclay & Ann Munro
John and Jane children
Sarah Jane  b. 4 Dec 1882, Woodstock, ON, m. Issac Herbert Linington, d. 8  Aug 1929, Dundas, ON
Noah (Norman) Hart (my grandfather) b. 14  Mar 1884, Oxford, ON, m. 15 Sep 1925 to Annie Pearl Cherritt, d. 4 Apr 1975, Windsor, ON
Any information would be very helpful and thanks for any help you could give me.

Edited - email address no longer active - no way to contact person. If anyone can help contact Sarah, please let us know.

July 5 2011

Ellen Evert Hopman

This is an announcement for a new book on Scottish plants and folk magic, ISBN 978-1-936922-01-7, Pendraig Publishing, peter.paddon@pendraigpublishing.com; 818-642-4510; London # 0203-239-9612. Ellen Evert Hopman, teacher of herbal and Celtic lore, author of Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore, Priestess of the Forest: A Druid Journey, The Druid Isle, A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tee Medicine, Walking the World in Wonder - A Children's Herbal and other volumes. www.elleneverthopman.com

Jun 16 2011

Sheila Munro

We are looking for a photo/drawing/sketch of John M. Munro, the grandson of Captain the Honourable John Munro who died in 1800 at Dickinson’s Landing, Dundas County ON. John M.,the son of John Munro Jr., was born 1813 and died in 1884. He married Maria Beckstead and was the father of Enos Thomas Munro of Winchester Township as well as Mary D., Alva, Frances "Fanny", John Melburn, Lutheria and Calvin Malachi Munro. John M. is buried at Maple Ridge Cemetery, North Dundas Township (formerly Winchester Township.
If anyone has such a photo to share, my family would be most grateful.
Sincerely, Sheila Munro 

Jun 12 2011

Dawne McKenzie Yule

Hello Canadian family (perhaps),
My grandfather, William Irwin or Irwin William Munro, left his family in India in the 1930s or 1940s. He was quite good looking, with, I believe, light blonde hair and light eyes and a slim or athletic build. In India, William/Irwin was a prominent chemist. His wife's name was Olivia and his daughters are/were Betty, still living at 95, and my mother Jean (d. 2004). Unfortunately, he left no forwarding address and family members have been unable to find a grave or death records in India. 
There is a Brodie connection.  The Brodies were much darker in complexion, and a couple of family members were doctors, I think. They did, I believe, go to Canada. Could my grandfather have met up with them?
I believe my grandfather was educated at Edinburgh University, where he was an outstanding student. He came to India and met my wonderful grandmother. At first, they were happy, but Irwin/William joined a secret society - he rose to the highest rank - and here he began drinking. The drinking became quite a problem. He would work for a few weeks and then take off, eventually not returning at all. His family was devastated. My aunt says that there's only one thing she wants at her age: to find out what happened to her father.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Dawne Yule, nee McKenzie: Sydney, Australia 

Mar 20 2011

Cheri Thomas

Seeking information on John & Mandy (Cameron) Munro, Western Canada 1840's.
John and Amanda (they called her Mandy) were living in Western Canada when my gggrandmother Isabella was born in 1842. Isabella married Owen Storms in 1859 in Zanesville Ohio so obviously, the family had relocated. They also had one child that we know of named Annie who never married and lived with the Storms family until her death.  Family stories tell us that John & Amanda had 9 children. This line is really a "brick wall" for us so if anyone has any info., it would really be appreciated.
Thanks......Cheri Thomas

Mar 15 2011

Sue Munro Daniels

Hello to all Munros. Please can any of you help me find where my Gt. Uncle's family are? His name was William Duke Munro, b.1872, Jan., in Dundee, Scotland.. He died in 1944 and is buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal. His wife's name was Vincent (unusual for female) Dawson Munro also born in Dundee, Scotland. She died in 1957 and is also buried at Mount Royal Cemetery. I cannot find any of their family after the 1911 Census and because they were (mostly) female, I cannot trace any marriages. The family's names were Annie, b.Feb.1896..Jessie, b.Oct.1899..Maggie, b.Jan.1901..and Chrissie, b.April,1904. They were born in Dundee, Scotland. A further two children were William, b.Mar.1907 and Mabel, b.Jan.1908., were born in Quebec. A later one, Alice, died in infancy in 1912. The last known address I have for the family is Maronier (Marmier) Avenue, Montreal, Quebec. They arrived there in 1905. A sister-in-law of William Duke Munro arrived in Montreal in 1920 to live with them. Her name was Margaret (Stewart) Munro, wife of William Duke's twin, Robert, who died in 1914/15 war. She had with her, her daughter, Jeannie Hume Munro, age about 12/14yrs, and a son, Donald, age about 7/8yrs. Another wee snippet about William Duke Munro was that he was a member of ''The Buffalos''.? I don't know what this is. A club of some sort? He also worked for C.P.E. as Manager. Hopefully, someone might recognise these names (finger's crossed) Sue (Munro) Daniels.

Jan 15 2011

Don Munro

Looking for more information re: the descendants of John & Flora Munro from Bernaray-Laxdal-Isle of Lewis. They had 12 children: John; Donald; Flora; John; Mary; William; Alexander (b.1852, who was my Gr.Dad & was married to Ann MacLeod who died & then Mary MacIver); Duncan; Ann; Effie. Any information about the people who lived in the Colregrien-Melbost-Laxdal area would be most welcome. Thank you, Don Munro.

Nov 15 2010

Kristine Munro

Hello Munro Clan! After years of searching I finally came to some headway and found the obituary to my great grandfather! John Brodie Munro the first 1877-1959.  It read: 
"MUNRO—John Brodie Munro was born in Scodand and passed away in Salmon Arm, June 19, 1959 at the age of 82. He came to Canada when he was about 17 years of age ... spending various periods of time in several parts of Canada.  Some time after the death of his first wife he came to Silver Creek valley. Here he was married to Mrs. Mary Clayton in 1955.  He leaves his wife, Mrs. Mary Munro, three children, John Brodie Munro (1912-1964), Mrs. Sam Ateah (Jessie - 1915-2001) and Mrs. Almar Monsen (Daisy), all of Victoria Beach, Manitoba; 12 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, 2 sisters, 1 half-sister and many friends.The burial service was conducted in the Silver Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church by the writer, assisted by Brother George Reid. Interment was made in the Silver Creek cemetery. written by: L. R. KRENZLEB"
It is said that when the wife dies (in this case his first wife - the man was not to raise the children on his own, so he gave the three children to an orphanage to care for them) 
If you have any information on his first wife's name, I believe her last name was "Copper", or any other information or photos that I could add to my electronic collection please email me. Thanks so much, and hopefully this find of mine, helps you too. Looks like there is a long list of John Munro's in history.

Aug 4 2010

Rob Munro

I am looking for any distant relatives of Hugh Munro of Edinburgh Scotland born 1808, posted to Nova Scotia with the British Army.  He was Married to Susannah Skinner and had at least 4-5 children in Nova Scotia: Maria, Hugh, Douglas,Charles and Henry.
Would love to hear from someone who's related

May 31 2010

Karen Hodgson

I am tracing my husband’s family-surname Munro.
I have only been able to trace back to his grandfather’s father (John M Munro 1862-Nova Scotia) and (mother Hannah Murray DOB 1866-Nova Scotia)
I believe in the Stellarton or Pictou county
William J Munro DOB 5-3-1897 died in Massachusetts-USA
Brother John A Munro DOB 1898 died Massachusetts-USA

Anything you may have on record would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Karen Hodgson

May 31 2010

Meredith Allen

I'm looking for the parents of James Henry Monroe. I've been pointed to John Munro and Janet Peterson/Paterson, both born around 1799, but I don't think their birth dates would put them as parents at 47 years old. Is there anyone out there related to James Henry, father of my great grandfather, Philip Eaton Monroe, who could help me?

JAMES HENRY MONROE, b. July 1846 in Vaughn Twp, Ontario, Canada; immigrated to Massachusetts in 1848; d. 1913; m. on June 1874 Margaret Bearisto, b. 1843?; d. ?
Children of JAMES HENRY and Margaret:
i. Henry F., b. 5 April 1874; m. Alice Caldwell
ii. PHILIP EATON., 5 July 1875, d. 4 May 1957
iii. James, b. 2 November 1887; d. 2 January 1913
iv. Charlotte, b. 23 April 1881; m. George McGrath
v. Margaret, b. 12 July 1887; m. Raymond Burhoe (Brehaut: spelling changed)
vi. Twin, Jennie, b. 29 December 1890; m. Ira Gould; lived in Weymouth, Massachusetts; summers on Rocky Pond, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
vii. Twin, George W., b. 29 December 1890; m. Laura Sherman
viii. Alan, b. 24 June 1893; m. Mattie Sampson
ix. Vance W., b. 16 June 1895; m. Florence Pray

Mar 3 2010

Donna Munro

I was wondering if you can help. I am looking to trace my cousins, Donald and James Munro. The only information that I have is: Donald and James Munro are twins born to William Munro and 'Ella' Munro. William Munro is orginially from Milngavie, Scotland and served in the Highland Light Infantry during the World War II. They immigrated to Ontario, I don't have dates, but I believe that their sons were born there around the mid 1950's, perhaps 1956. The last known address was St Catharines, Ontario.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Mar 01 2010

Tom Thorne

I am researching my family history and discovered some time ago that my Munros come from the Inveraray-Glenaray parish in Argyllshire. The Munros from this area in Scotland grew in number. By the 1841 Census there were 438 people of the name Munro in the Inveraray area. Many made their way to Canada and Australia from 1800 onwards. 

My family stayed in Scotland until after WW2. My mother's name is Jean Kerr Munro (1906-1976) and I can now trace her origins to the Inveraray area back to the late 17th Century. My ggggrandfather was Duncan Munro from Inveraray born 1790 died 1882 in Bonhill Dunbartonshire. His grandaughter Agnes Munro (1858-married James Broadfoot in 1882. This family founded a huge Australian branch when they moved there in 1891. His other granddaughter Janet Munro (1858-1898) is the mother of my grandfather Andrew Mitchell Munro (1879-1948).

My main question to your organization is the genealogy of Munros who came from Argyllshire to Canada. I know from anecdotal references that many are related to my early family living in the Glenaray behind the town of Inveraray when they moved in the early 19th Century to Ontario and Quebec. I would be happy to share my researches with anyone in your organization with the same Argyll background.

Here is my sketch of my Argyll Inveraray background.
Early Glenaray Munros:
Archibald Munro in Drimfern b 1712 = Isobel Bell (McIllvoie)
John Munro b 1763 in Drimfern = married 1789 Mary Munro b 1766 in Tullich (other children, Grisel, Isabella, Archibald) I come from their first child:
Duncan Munro b 1790-1882 = Janet McCunn in Roseneath b1783-1869 maried 1818 (other children Agnes, John, Peter but I come from:
Archibald Munro b 1825 = Helen Buchanan Mitchell b 1832-1861 Married 1854 ( other children Agnes b 1855, Duncan 1860-1861) but I come from:
Janet Munro 1858-1898 = ? (illegitimate birth. Father unknown so her son Andrew Mitchell Munro takes his mother's surname)
Andrew Mitchell Munro 1879-1948 = Jane Cameron Kerr 1882-1971 of Helensburgh married in 1899
Their Children: Andrew, Anne, Archibald, Jean, Janet, Agnes, Williamena, Christine, Catherine
Jean Kerr Munro 1906-1976 married Ivor Thorne 1905-1981 from Port Talbot ,Wales
and I am their son born in 1941.

Perhaps someone in your membership has a connection to the people above.


Feb 25 2010

Shelley Gordon

I am looking for anyone who knows Gordon Monroe. He lived in Amherst Nova Scotia. He married a Doris McCann. They had 2 children a boy name David Gordon and a girl Gwenlyn Elizabeth. David was born in Nova Scotia and Gwenlyn was born in St. Catharine's. Any information would be good.

Nov 27 2009

Dominic Munro

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for information on John Munro, a salmon fisherman/crofter living at Invernaver or thereabouts in Farr, Sutherland. He was married to Ann(ie) or Margaret (nee) Mackay. 
John was father of George Munro (1822 -1898) and also Jan(n)et?, Dorothy (Dolly), Mary, Christi(a)na (Christy). 
If anyone could tell me when (likely at the end of c18) and where he was born and who his parents were, then that would be great. 
I have pretty definitive information from John onwards, but am struggling with the sheer number of Munros then residing in Farr (e.g. 3 x John Munro in Malcolm Bangor-Jones's 1806 Farr militia list - my money is on the one who is a salmon fisherman in Naver but it's just a punt at this stage). There seems to have been an expanding Munro presence in Farr from at least the start of c17. Any tips or advice very welcome.

Dominic Munro

Oct 27 2009

Amy Bridgeman

My husband is the great-grandson of Alexander Ray Munro, twin to James McPherson Munro, sons of Hugh Munro and Christina Manson. My husband and I are visiting Scotland in May 2010 and we’d like to know more about the family that stayed in Scotland as well as those who came to Canada. Thank you, Amy Bridgeman.
1 John Munro m. 11 Jul 1834 Janet Murray Latheron, Caithness, Scotland,
  2 Hugh Munro b. 18 Jul 1839 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
     m. 3 Dec 1869 Christina Manson b. 13 Oct 1842 Canisbay, Caithness, Scotland
        3 Angus Munro b. 1870 Olrig, Caithness, Scotland
        3 George Baxter Munro b. 1 Apr 1872 Canisbay, Caithness, Scotland
        3 John Munro b. 16 Dec 1874 Latheron, Caithness, Scotland
          m. Eliza b. 1875 Bower, Caithness, Scotland
            4 Ann Munro b. 1892 Bower, Caithness, Scotland
            4 John Munro b. 1894 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
            4 Donald Munro Wick, Caithness, Scotland
            4 George Munro Bower, Caithness, Scotland
            4 Alexander Munro Thurso, Caithness, Scotland
            4 William Munro Thurso, Caithness, Scotland
        3 Esther Munro b. 1879
        3 Hugh Munro b. May 1882 d. 9 Feb 1960 emigrated to Canada 1904
           m. Jessie Sutherland d. 6 Jun 1946
        3 William 'Bill' Munro m. Molly
        3 Alexander Ray Munro b. 24 Feb 1885 d. 2 May 1933 emigrated to Canada 1907-8
           m. 25 Dec 1922 Melita, MB, Mary Coates b. 22 Oct 1891 d.27 May 1957
            4 Mary Evelyn Munro
        3 James McPherson Munro b. 24 Feb 1885 Scotland
        3 Angus Munro b. 13 Dec 1886 d. 2 Mar 1969 Quebec, Canada
           m. Hilda Nienkamp b. 13 Feb 1885 St. Louis, MO d. 26 Dec 1941 Quebec, Canada
        3 Murdock Munro b. 1889

Aug 5 2009

A. M. Trowsdale

My Grandfather, Donald John (D.J.) MUNROE was born in Bredalbane, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My mother Mary Eva (Marion) Munroe was born in Butte, MT where my Grandfather ( a miner) met and married (1900) Mary Jane MacLeod who was from Prince Edward Island. When they returned to Canada, they lived in PEI. I have not been able to find any records in Nova Scotia of the family or further back to Scotland. His brother was Jack Munroe (who fought Jim Jeffries).

May 13 2009

Marion Miles (Ross)

I'm going to Scotland in August and I'm hoping to find lost cousins. My great grandmother was Margaret Munro born in Alness to Hector Munro and Ann (Campbell) abt 1851. Margaret married William Ross in 1877, he was the son of Flora Ross. He was born in Langwell just outside of Ardgay.
William and Margaret Ross had seven children; Hugh 1877, Hector 1879, David 1881, Flora Ann 1883, Alexander 1885, William 1887 and Roderick 1889. Alexander Ross 1885 was my granddad and he immigrated to Canada about 1902. His brother William married Williamina MacGregor in 1926, and his other brother married Elizabeth Gunn in 1931.

Apr 18 2009

Kirstie Mitchell

I am looking for relatives and descendants of Roderick "Scotty" Munro, the hockey coach. He is my grandfather, James Munro's cousin. My mother remembers him coming to visit when she was little. I am also looking for the info and relatives to the rest of the family. My great great grandparents were George and Catherine Munro. Their children were George, John, Roderick, William, James, Malcolm, Mary, Catherine, Teen (Katrina?). My great grandparents were George and Mary (Cassey) Munro. My grandfather, James, was their only child that survived.
I would be very grateful of any info anyone has.

Apr 5 2009

L. Harper

I am searching for anyone who knows of Margaret Munro married to William Henry Harper. Margaret's parents were John Munro and Nancy Depperity. Margaret was born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada in 1823 and died in Brockville, Ontario, Canada in October 18th 1915. William was born in England on March 7th 1825-1829 and died April 1st 1907, also in Brockville ,Ontario, Canada. I am stumped and need any  hint to research further. Is she from the Hugh Munro in Edwardsburg County, Ontario, Canada? Please anyone, anything will help! Desperate in Canada.

Feb 7 2009

Julie Johnson

I'm looking for any information regarding my Great, Great Grandmother Christina Munro. I only know that she was born in 1863 and her place of birth as listed on the 1901,1911 census is Inverness, Ross-shire. Between 1863 & 1892 she ended up living in Liverpool. I have very little information to relate to, I don't know her mother's name, only that her father is listed on her marriage certificate as Hector Munro ( Deceased at the time of her marriage in 1892 ). I realise this is like a needle in a haystack, any information gratefully appreciated.

Dec 14 2008

Jo Klyne

Hi, I'm hoping to find a correct connection for my research of the Munros in my ancestry. As of yet, other queries that I have made have led to nowhere. Seems no one is able to help me find the connection I require.

I presently have:
1. John Fisher b1827 - d? (son of Henry Jr Munro-Fisher & Marguerite LaFramboise), married to Elisabeth Brabant.

2. Henry Jr Munro Fisher b1799 - d1871 (son of Henry Sr Munro Fisher & Madeleine Gauther) married to Marguerite LaFramboise

3. Henry Sr Munro Fisher b 1779 - d1827 (son of Donald Fisher & Elizabeth (Betsy) Munro), married to Madeleine Gauthier

4. Elizabeth (Betsy) Munro b1759 - d1845 (daughter of Reverend Harry 'Henry' Munro & ?), married to Donald Fisher

5. Reverend Harry 'Henry' Munro b1730 - d1801 (son of Dr Robert Munro & Anne Munro), married to ?

6. Dr Robert Munro b? - d1746 (son of Alexander Munro & ?), married to Anne Munro b1718 - d1748 (daughter of John Munro & Katherine Bayne)

7a. Alexander Munro (son of ?) married to ?

7b. John Munro (son of ?) married to Katherine Bayne: children are - Anne Munro and James Munro (per Cupar Deeds 1716-1862 a "Munro, James: son of John Munro, surgeon in Killearn and Katherine Bayne; awarded Bayne Bursary 15 Dec 1718)"

I'm pretty much stuck here. Not even sure even this last piece of information on James Munro actually relates to 7b.

Who is Alexander Munro, who is his wife and who are his parents?
Who is John Munro? Who are his parents?
Some info that I have found don't add up and I am unable to verify what is right and what is wrong.

It seems that most connections I have found for Alexander Munro indicate that he is 4th Laird of Killichoan of Ross-Shire and that he is the grandson to Sir Robert Munro 3rd baronet, 24th Baron of Foulis. So who is the father?

One response received was: "The father of Alexander Munro II of Killichoan was David Munro who was the son of Farquhar Munro III of Teanoird". Is this info for the correct Alexander Munro? And who was Farquhar Munro? And how does he connect to the main line of Munros?

Other responses to my queries only indicate that my info is incorrect but then receive no correction to help move me along.

As for John Munro. Nothing.

If anyone is able to help get me in the right direction that would be most helpful.

Jo-Anne Klyne, Edmonton Alberta Canada

Nov 7 2008

Kim Brazil

I know my family history since we have been in the States, as we have basically have remained in the same area for over 100 years. Where I lose track of us is in Canada, and according to my records we were also there for many years as well. Several of my records indicate that in 1844 in Addison, Ontario, James Wiltse Monroe was born, he is the last of my family born in Canada. Chittenden Taplin Monroe, born 1811, in Addison, is the earliest record of my relatives I have born in Canada in believe. So this is my first attempt at reaching out for help. If any of you all have any information or ideas for me, please contact me anytime.
Thank You
Kimberly Jean Monroe Brazil.
1007 Kermit Drive,Apt 13 Knoxville,Ian 50183

Aug 16 2008

Bill and Ruth

As far back as I can get on the Munro's is John Munro b. 1822, Scotland,
died 21 Feb. 1863, Ingersoll.
His children were:
John Oct. 9 1848
George 1849
Edward 03 Oct 1853
Donald Fraser 28 Feb. 1855
William Apr. 1857
Barbara 1860
Jane/Jean W. 1863
If you can connect the dots I would be appreciative.
Ruthann Munro

Jul 6 2008

Amanda Page

I am searching for the Munro family who resided in Ontario in the 40's, 50's, 60's and possibly until now.
My fathers name was Grant Garson Munro and he was born in Toronto, Ontario on November 24 1942. He was the 2nd youngest of 5 children. Names are not known, but one sibling may have been named Dan or Don.
His mother passed on in 1968 from cancer (she was a housewife) and his father was originally from Scotland and was a retired ceramic tile setter. It is not know when he passed on. Nor are names known.
If you found this family in any of your research or any of this information rings a bell, please contact me. I have been looking for 18 years.
I can be reached at:
bcagirl@hotmail.com or

Thank you,
Amanda Page (British Columbia)

Jun 25 2008

Wayne Monroe

Looking to find the family and ancestors of Philip and his father John Munro, also the location of the parish of St Dennis, possibly in Ross-shire:"Philip Munro, soldier of the 78th Scottish Regiment, at the siege of Quebec in 1757, was the son of John [Munro] and of Charlotte Leblanc, of the parish of St. Dennis, Ross-shire, Scotland. He married in 1772 ([marriage] contract [witnessed or signed by] Fortier, 10 June [1772]) to Charlotte Girard, daughter of Louis [Girard] and of Charlotte Jourdain." Philip Munro & Charlotte Girard were married in the parish of St Henri de Luzon de Lévis, Quebec

1. Jean Monroe (aka John Munro) m. Charlotte Leblanc
   2. s. Philippe Monroe (aka Philip Munro) m. 15 Jun 1772 Charlotte Girard
      3. d. Charlotte Monroe (or Munro) m. 10 Nov 1794 Jean-Baptiste Côté
      3. s. Jean-Philippe Monroe (or John Philip Munro) m. 10 Feb 1800 Marie-Marguerite Plante
         4. d. Marguerite Monroe (or Munro) m. 24 Oct 1826 Jean Morissette
         4. s. Magloire Monroe (or Munro) m. 5 Feb 1833 Françoise Roy
         4. d. Archange Monroe (or Munro) m. 13 Aug 1833 Jean Labbé
         4. s. Joseph Monroe (or Munro) m. 16 Aug 1842 Elisabeth Métivier
         4. d. Anastasie Monroe (or Munro) m. 21 Jan 1845 François-Xavier Métivier

 Jun 16 2008

Leigh Ann Summers

Hello: Would any of your info include Archibald and Catherine (nee Campbell)? They are my g-g-g-grandparents from Scotland. They settled in Euphemia Township in Ontario, Canada. The area would be around Alvinston or there abouts. Archibald was born around 1801 and died around 29 Jan 1857. Catherine was born 1805/1805? I don't have the date of her death yet. She was still alive in 1881 as far as I can tell. A couple of their children are: Donald born in 1838 and Dugald born in 1840. If you could let me know if any of this matches what you have could you please let me know.
Cheers,Leigh Ann

Jun 15 2008

Neil Jenkins

I am interested in contacting the family of Donald Munro, a/b seaman, from Stornoway who sailed on "Benalder" and died in the early 1980's to learn more about family history

Mar 16 2008

Clyde Sanger

Why did Hugh Munroe come to Quebec?
Hugh Munroe was born in Loch Broom, Ross-shire in July 1833 and died at Melbourne, Eastern Quebec, in March 1919. His wife, Janet Allan, had been born near Thurso, Caithness-shire in 1836 and died in 1922. They apparently farmed at a place called South Ely, which is no longer on Quebec maps. In the Melbourne cemetery there is also a tombstone to Findlay Munroe, who appears to be Hugh’s father; unfortunately the stone is broken and details of his life are lost in that place. When we were in Inverness and the Black Isle last July, we came across reference to an Alexander Munroe, who seemed to be related. Our family traditions include the phrase “He died for a black face” and we have not, until now, been able to find out to whom this refers. It is possible that, born in the early 1800s and being a rebel by nature, he was threatened by the Clearances. Black faced sheep were being introduced into the highlands and young Alexander, hot of head, stole one to get his own back on the laird (Hugh Munro of Novar). Caught by the laird’s men, he may be the A. Munro (the change of spelling took place in Canada) who appears in the records to have been hanged in Inverness at about that time. The “black face” of our legend may not be human after all – but a sheep!
This may be a clue to the emigration of Findlay Munroe and his infant son Hugh to Canada, and a date in the mid-1830s when they sailed. It might be possible that our ancestor Findlay had a brother Alexander, who was caught up in the quarrel in Culrain and, for some reason, stole a sheep from this estate, was caught and strung up. Why he acted, and how he was caught and suffered, we perhaps will never know. Findlay may, after Alexander’s death, have become marked as a likely “insurgent” and felt there was little future for them in Scotland. He would have moved westward to Loch Broom, in search of a passage to Canada, and in an ironic twist named the son who was born there after the laird who in effect caused the murder of his brother.
We would appreciate any information or opinions that can help us fit the pieces of this family puzzle more neatly together. Thank you

May 1-4 2008

CMA-USA 2008 Gathering

Our sister branch of Clan Munro in the USA is holding their 2008 Gathering in Savannah, GA, 1-4 May. Some of us are planning on attending this Gathering as we have very much enjoyed joining with 'our cousins' for the past several years. For information re the Gathering events, booking at the hotel and registration with the organizers,

26 Feb 2008

Susan McGuire

I have been doing some research on the Mechanics Institute of Montreal, founded in 1828.
The president of the MIM in 1862 was Hector Munro, who was, I think, a builder and came as a young man from Scotland. He was active in the organization for some years before and after his presidency.
I looking for any further information about Hector Munro & his family, and if there are any living descendants. 
Hector Munro (Monro), born 21 Jan 1807, Roxburghshire, Scotland; m. Mar 1832 Edinburgh to Jane Barnet; they had three sons and three daughters; he died 5 Oct 1888 in Montreal, QC
Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.

25 Feb 2008

Don Norris

I'm rather stuck on my Banffshire Munros's.
James Munro, tailor, (April 26, 1826, Cullen, Banffshire-May 13, 1800, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) & Rebecca McNeil, (abt. 1831, Ireland- Nov 1, 1881)
Alexander Munro ( abt. April 19, 1800, Rathven, Banffshire- unknown & Catherine Avid (perhaps Aird) (abt. 1812 +/- years), Scotland - Dec. 13, 1873, Hamilton, Ontario)
Peter Munro (7 August, 1781-?) Boyndie, Banffshire, Scotland- ?) & Margaret Bruce
Alexander Munro & Margaret Taylor, Scotland
The first generation or two starting with James Munro are the most accurate and the last two starting with Peter to Alexander are best quess work only.
Don Norris

21 Feb 2008


I am trying to piece together a family tree for 'the Winnipeg Beauty', Mona Munro. Mona was the daughter of Rebecca and Archibald Munro. She had a brother, Norman, and she was 24 when she married Jim Kilgour in 1918; they had a daughter, June. Mona Jean Munro was born in 1894 and died in 1948.

15 Dec 2007

Jo Ann Tuskin

For those of you with an interest in your family tree, Jo Ann has been setting up a data base on computer with information from members. She has extensive information on the descendants of the following families who settled in Ontario:

David Munro & Nancy McKay
Donald Munro & Ann Campbell
Hugh Munro & Catherine Campbell
Maj. John Munro & Isabella Gordon McKay
Hon. Capt. John Munro & Maria Brouwer
John Munro & Catherine Reid
Peter Munro from Argyll-shire
William Munro & Isabella Finlay

If your family connects to any of these, and you have not yet sent your info to her, please contact Jo Ann. She also has access to the genealogical information from Clan Munro Association – US Branch and can search there for any info or links.

13 Nov 2007

Louise Mackinnon

Hello there, this is just a spontaneous enquiry re. my paternal cousin Alistair Munro from Kilmarknock in Ayrshire Scotland.
Alistair married Margaret, approx: 1954, I believe he and Margaret were on the second ship to sail into Canada through the St. Laurence River. I would so very much to make contact with Alistair or family member just to exchange memories of the old times, although I was only a child when Alistair and Margaret left Scotland I do have fond memories of the time I did know them. Hope to hear from some one soon, Enjoy the day, Louise (nee) Munro. South Australia

11 Nov 2007

Tory Sharp

My  great great grandmother Christina Flora Munro born Aug 25 1883 in Kinosota Manitoba was the daughter of Alexander Munro(Hudson Bay ) and Annie (Moore) Moir. If any one can help with information  on either side of the family it would be appreciated.

28 Oct 2007

Colin Munro

Hello, my name is Colin and I am a Munro.  I would very much like to research more about my family history.  I have some data going back 3 or 4 generations but not a lot.  I would like to go back as far as possible.  I would very much like your help
My great grandfather Peter Munro came to Canada from Scotland in the late 1800's, I believed he settled in Owen Sound area.  His wife's name was Annie Watson.  Peter was a stone mason, he cut and shipped the bricks to help build old city hall in Toronto.  The farthest back I can go on our tree is that Peter Munro's parents were both killed in the Tay Bridge Disaster in Scotland in 1879.  That was a very famous story in Scottish history.  Peter's father's name was John Munro.  That is about all I know for now.

25 Oct 2007

Charles Munroe

Tracing the genealogy of Robert Monro I have encountered a mystery and need help in solving it:
1) Robert Monro, born 1716 Scotland, lived at Barochan Cottages, Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland, died Flanders 1 July 1804. Married Marion (Mary) Wilson 1 December, 1761 Kilellen, Scotland. She was born 1732?. Died Flanders, NJ, 1 March 1805. This Robert is supposed to be an elder brother of General Sir Hector Munro of Novar. Children of Robert Monro 1): Judge William Monro; Catherine Monro; Robert Monro; James Monro; John Monro; Margaret Monro; Ann Monro; Elizabeth Monro; Mary Monro. In 1793, Robert Sr., James and William are in the 1st New Jersey Militia Cavalry.
2) Robert Monro born Scotland (Argyle or Mull date unknown possibly 1724), lived in New Brunswick, NJ, Children of Robert Monro 2): John Monro; Dr Robert Monro; Lt James Monro
In 1878 letters were sent to parties believe to be descended from Robert Monro of Flanders, NJ, by lawyer Irwin Bridgeman: CANADA: Mrs. James Lambie of Winsor, ON; Miss Bowlby, Winsor, ON; Mrs. Thomas Harrison, Persis Douglas & Frank Douglas of Selkirk,ON; John Douglas of Aylmer, ON; Mrs. James Alexander of Simcoe, ON; Mrs. John Henderson of Brandy Creek; Joseph & Samuel D. Budd of Brandy Creek; Zebulon Landon of Simcoe, ON; Colin Monro Dusten & Caleb More Dustien of Wallaceburg, ON; USA: William Monro Force of Newark, NJ; William Douglas of Trumansburg, NY; Robert Douglas of Lena, Umatilla Co. OR; W.H.D. Corwin & Mrs. Robert C. Shaw of Suckassuny, NJ; Mrs. M.T. King & Mrs. J.B. Stevens of Morristown, NJ; Silas Dickinson of Ininiutl, WA; Mrs. Sarah R. Wheeler of Cook County, IL; John M. Dusten no location given.
I would appreciate any information concerning any of the people listed above. Thank you. Charles C Monroe III

14 May 2007

Kathy Engelhart

Hi my name is Kathy. I am looking for information on my great-Aunt's husband Charlie Munroe. Here is what I know. Uncle Charlie was from Canada maybe near Toronto possibly Brantford. He came to Detroit and worked in a tool and die shop. He met my Great Aunt, Shirley Lillian Wheelock. They dated for thirty years before getting married. He died a couple of years later on Feb 22 or 23 1950 in Grosse Pointe MI. while shoveling snow. He was born about 1886 in Canada. Shirley and Charlie eloped to Bowling Green, Ohio about 1948. Charlie loved to camp and golf. He was a favourite in our family. Everyone loved Charlie but the 30 year courtship is a mystery. I wonder if he had another family in Ontario? If you can shed some light on this please let me know.
Thank you,

9 May 2007

Shirley Sutherland

Searching for any info. on the following - have much to share if you have a connection.

MUNRO, Donald b.1807 Tongue, Sutherland d.1884
m.MACKENZIE,Jannet(Jessie)b.1815 Durness d.1909 Casheldhu
MUNRO, Margaret b. 1841 d 1912 Casheldhu
MUNRO, Eslpie b. Durness 1843
MUNRO, William b. 1844 Durness d. 1894 Golspie
MUNRO, Jemima b. 1847
MUNRO, Dolina b. 1851
MUNRO, Isabella b. 1853
MUNRO, Kennethina b. 1857

MUNRO, William b. Durness 1844 d. 1894 Golspie
m. 1873 MACDONALD, Hughina b. 1852 Durness d. 1851 Golspie
MUNRO, Christina Isabella b. 1873 Tongue
MUNRO, Angusina b. 1876 Cromarty
MUNRO, Donald b. 1877 Urquhart, Ross and Cromarty
MUNRO, Jessie Mackenzie b. 1880 Durness
MUNRO, Archibald b. 1881 Durness
MUNRO, Eppie b. 1884 Golspie
MUNRO, Mary b. 1886 Golspie d. 1952 Golspie
MUNRO, Duncan b.1888 Golspie d.1947 Crosby, ND. USA
MUNRO, William b. 1891 Tain d. 1916 d. France
MUNRO, John Alexander b. 1893 Golspie d. 1917 d. France

1 May 2007

Eva Wojdylo

I am not quite sure where to begin... Many, many, many years ago I became good friends with James Munro Vincent and his sweet Mum - Lily Margaret Munro.
We have lost touch in mid seventies, I have later spent many years in Nigeria, and ended up in Canada in 1982.
Recently, as my children have grown and I have become a widow, I am catching up with a lot of old friends trough the power of internet.
One day I typed Jim's name into a Google search and found out sadly that he had died in 1996, at the age of 50. 
I was wondering if you can suggest any way of finding out any more details? If I were to travel to the UK, I would certainly want to visit his resting place, as well as the one of his mother. The last time I have seen Jim, I believe he still lived in Folkestone and was teaching in an all boys school in Ashford, but Lily was already gone, having had died of cancer in 1975. He had a cousin - Ian Vincent Munro, son Of Hector Charles Munro (who also died in 1996) and Thelma nee Garbett, however there is no information on him.
I will appreciate any help and/or suggestions.

Thank you in advance,

Eva Wojdylo (nee Oleszkiewicz)

14 Apr 2007


I have a print out of the 1881 Milnton, Kilmuir Easter Ross and Cromarty census for Ann (Dodds) Munro and her daughter Jessie Munro. In the "where born" line it reads:
 "Rossr Gaelic G, Kilmuir Easter" and I do not understand exactly what that means. Can anyone help?
PS Ann was born abt 1804 and Jessie abt 1840.

8 Apr 2007


I am looking for anyone that is related to a Mr. Munroe from Nova Scotia.  His name is Gordon Munroe.  He married Doris McCann (she was from New Glasgow).  They had two children together, Gwen and David.  They moved to St. Catharines Ontario.  They separated when Gwen was about 3 yrs old (she will be 58 this July). From what I heard he wouldn't give Doris a divorce and he died when Gwen was about 11 or 12 yrs old.  David (61 on his next birthday) spent a lot of time in Nova Scotia when he was a young boy and had TB when he was younger.   Hopefully this help.  I don't know where he died. Or where he is buried.

25 Mar 2007

Marj Powers

I am trying to find information about my family. My grandfather was John Alexander Nelson Munroe, he lived in Moose Creek, Ontario. My great grandfather was Dr. John Alexander Munroe from Delkeith, Ontario Canada who were decedents from Foulis castle Scotland I would appreciate if you could send me some information. Thanks Marj Powers

18 Jan 2007

Carole Lindsay

I am researching William Munro who married Anne Wright on 20 Nov 1830 at  Aberfoyle. They had two children that I know of: Archibald Munro b 22 Nov 1831 and  John Munro b 27 Dec 1833  Is anyone linked to this family?


Katherine O'Neill

Catherine Munro born c. 1831 in Ontario, Canada. Father was John Munro, mother Christy. Catherine married Alexander Macdonald abt. 1851, maybe in Glengarry Co., On, Canada. Catherine and Alexander moved from Kenyon Twp in Glengarry Co, ON in 1862 with the following children: John, Alexander, Allen, Margaret. The family moved to Tiny Twp, Simcoe Co. ON


Megan Munro

Hi, My name is Megan Jean Munro. I live in Oakville, ON, Canada. I am looking for some of my Munro family. My Father is Robert Wayne Munro son of Camen Munro. My father was Born in Ontaria but did live in Winnipeg. If you know my family, I would love to hear from you because I would love to get to know your family's history.

2 Jan 2007

Jo Ann Tuskin

Looking for ancestors of John Munro, married 1766 New Haven, CT, Katherine Reid/Reed, Daughter of Samuel Reid/Reed and Sarah Kellogg.  He presumably died before 1782, as she went to Canada as a Loyalist and was known as 'Catharine Leech', widow.

12 Nov 2006

Michael Munro

I am looking for information on my GGGG Grandfather Alexander Munro. According to Burkes Coloniel Gentry he was a cadet of Foulis. He was removed from his native country on appointment to the Earl of Caithness in 1784 and settled in Farr, Armadale, Sutherlandshire. He married Barbara MacKay in about 1795. Barbara MacKay was baptised on 15th September 1767 in Durness, she was the daughter of a Hugh MacKay. Alexander Munro and Barbara MacKay owned 'Alexander's Inn' in Farr, Armadale, Sutherlandshire where all their children were born. He later became a boat builder and carpenter. He and Barbara had 8 children: James (b.1796), Gabriel (b.1799), Donald (b.1802), George (b.1804), Honeyman (b.1806), John (b.1808), Christina (b.1808), MacKay (b.1812). The youngest child, MacKay was my GGG Grandfather. What I am looking for is an age or date of birth for their father (my GGGG Grandfather) Alexander Munro.

8 Sep 2006

Aline Marsden
nee: Munro

Hi there clan Munro. I have been tracing my family line and have come to a stop on my fathers male line. I am looking for information about a John Munro b 1795,Scotland. Married Mary Raeburn 19 Jan 1816 in Scotland. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

8 Aug 2006

Justin M. Munro

Hello to all of Clan Munro. I am a resident of Vancouver, BC and have a question about kilts. I am to be married in the coming summer and am looking into having a kilt made for the wedding. Only trouble is that I am having trouble finding somewhere to have it done here. It is important that it is done properly, 14 yards and all. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? Thank you!

22 Jun 2006

Kirstie Mitchell

Hi. I am looking for information on my mother's family. My grandfather was James Munro, born in Swift Current, SK in 1915. His parents were George and Mary (Cassey) Munro. They came to Canada from Glasgow. George had 8 siblings: John, Roderick, William, James, Malcolm, Mary, Catherine, and Teen (Katrina?). Their parents were George and Catherine Munro. Does anyone know anything more?

17 Jun 2006

Pia Goddard

Hello from London, England. I am researching a member of my Monro family who emigrated to Canada in 1898. Campbell Hamilton Monro lived in Winnipeg and was a Presbyterian church missionary in the Q'Appelle Valley. He died in 1948. He was my great uncle. In his obituary it is stated that he was a direct descendant of the House of the Clan Monro. I am looking for any information I can find about his father John James Monro who I believe had five siblings, and also about his own children, of which there were three - Kenneth, Robert and Mackenzie Monro. Thank you.

15 May 2006

Sarah Munro

Hi I'm building my family tree and I'm trying to find descendants of Agnes Munro (my great aunt- sister to Joseph, William, Mary Ann, Alexander, Donald, James George, John Mouat (Jock-my grandad), and Ronald) Who moved to Canada. She was born in Glenbervie Kincardinshire 7/3/1889 to Alexander and Agnes Monro/ Munro (cousins) Also I'm interested in any other links as already found my great grandmothers sisters Family in America. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Sarah

4 May 2006

Richard Wm. Michie Sr.

Hi, my name is Richard Wm. Michie Sr., my paternal grand mother was Jeane Michie, nee Dingwall, born in Fodderty, 13 June,1887, and to my knowledge, the land called Dingwall was granted to her ancestors by Mary, Queen of Scots. I am trying to find any information possible about that. I also understand, my family line, on her side, goes back into the 1300s. I do have information on some names and places, but dates only go back to about 1831, when her father was born (in Lemlair, a farm on Foulis estate). Her mother was Janette McLennan. Her Parents were married at Kiltearn, Waterloo Inn, free church, 28 May,1858. So far, that's as far back as I've gotten. Grand mother married James Michie, in Sharon,Connecticut,(date unknown). They met there after emigrating from Scotland, and I don't know when they emigrated. As far as I know, they did not know each other prior to then. My grandfather was born in Banff,in1885, no further info as yet. I will need to contact Clan Forbes ! For info on Grandfather. Any one having any information on the Dingwall Sept, I would like to hear from you.

31 Mar 2006

Charles Andrew McCloskey

Mr. Higgins - I am interested in letting you know what happened to the "New Orleans McCloskeys" since Mr. Seamus Hasson wrote about us in 1981 (Issue #11 Benbradagh). He made a scant mention of the "Algiers McCloskeys" that branch of which I am a member. Algiers is a part of New Orleans, but, separated by the Mississippi River. New Orleans proper is on the East bank of the Mississippi and Algiers is located on the West bank. We all hail from Dungiven and Derry and are ancestors to the O'Cahans. And, yes, we are related to Hugh McCloskey, buried at the cemetery of St. Patrick's Church, Dungiven. Would like to hear from you and "The Winding Roe". With much thanks, Searlas Andriu McBholscaidh, (my Gaelic name).

26 Mar 2006

Jean Olajos
nee: Munro

I am descended from Kenneth Munro, born 1815, who lived at Tain, Ross & Cromarty. He married Annie Menzies. That family lived at 5 Gower Street, Tain. My gr. grandfather was George, son of Kenneth and Annie. George emigrated to Saskatchewan in 1892 with eldest son, David. The rest of the family came in 1897. Kenneth's parents were Donald Munro and Catharine Sinclair. Does anyone have information on this family?

17 Mar 2006

Cynthia Monro

Hi, I'm currently tracing my family tree and wonder if anyone here can help. Does anyone here have a John Monro who married Barbara Gardiner/Gardner in Angus Dundee 23rd, January 1846?  Don't know much about where they came from in Scotland or who Johns parents were.  I know that they moved to Australia in the early to middle of 1850's. Maybe even just before 1850.  Could anyone help?  Thank you.

14 Oct 2005

Mary Bourke

Hi: I am wondering if anyone knows if women were brought to Upper Canada in the 1800's for wives of Settlers. There were 2 Leonard girls-one Elizabeth and one Margaret from Moneymore Ireland who were married to brothers Kenneth and James Urquhart in Glengarry County, Ontario. My father believed they came over on a boatload of women for such a reason but he did not have any proof. Can anyone one answer that question for me. Also was Elizabeth and Margaret sister? I would appreciate any help you can provide me. Thanks Mary

29 Sep 2005

C M White

Hello I am reposting a Query for information on a James Munro born abt 1765 in Inveraray and married a Mary McTAvish in April of 1789. they had several children, Donald 1795, Mary 1797, James 1800,Anne 1802, William 1806,and Charles 1810 [my 3x grandfather.] Charles married a Catherine Campbell in Jan of 1835 in Inveraray. And they had Catherine 1835,James 1837, Mary 1841, Donald 1845, Duncan 1848 [my gr-grandfather] Isabella 1850 and another Catherine 1853. They all worked on or around the ship yards. With exception of James 1765 he was a school master. Would appreciate hearing from anyone connected to this family. thank you.

29 Sep 2005


Greetings from Belfast. I am a member of a small group of writers who issue a magazine each year at Dungiven Co. Derry on the Roe valley, called The Winding Roe. We are aware that there is ongoing research on the origins of the Munros clan and the Roe Valley Co. Derry is mentioned. We have a small website at www.benbradagh.com which may interest you as about the Roe valley. We have also some images of the area on the website and we change these from time to time. Enjoy.

Best wishes to you all.= M.A. Higgins Belfast

P.S. Just last week I visited the Storehouse on the Cromarty Firth and on a video presentation I heard mention of the Roe valley and the O'Cathan (O'Kane link). This is indeed the land of the O'Cathans or as the name is Anglicised to O'Kane as now.

16 Jul 2005

Chris Munro

Hey there, I'm currently out of Canada, trying to become a part of the association. I'm starved for info on my ancestors, my father David Munro, has many ties to Scotland and Australia. So I'm hoping this shall be a grand experience.

13 Jul 2005

Virginia Denton

Taken from my gt grandmother's diary: "My grandmother, Margaret, was the daughter of a Captain Richards and her only brother, Samuel Richards was also in the Royal Navy, but died comparatively young. Margaret's mother was the daughter of Sir Hector Munro of Novar in Rosshire, but marrying against her father's consent, he had nothing more to do with her. The title is now extinct, the estate in my time was owned by a Mrs. Butler-Johnstone and has now passed into the hands of Mr. Munro Fergusson, M.P. who married Lady Helen Marjoribanks, sister of the present Lord Tweedsmouth (1899)" I can only guess that Sir Hector Munro (1726-1805) may have been this man. He was buried at Kensal Green in 1805,after dying unexpectedly, ...but from all I've read, this man never married so she would have been an illegitimate and probably never registered! One more thing to add to this puzzle is...the signatures on Margaret's marriage certificate are : Captain John Richards and B.J. Richards!! Her name wouldn't have been Butler-Johnstone Munro, would it??
Thank you for any suggestions,

25 Jun 2005

Jennifer Munro

I am looking for any descendents of Sir Hugh Munro of Fowlis. I believe he had some children out of wedlock or in a marriage considered illegal and that I may be related to them. The name du Preez Green in Canada may be connected. Please contact me - this is driving me crazy!

25 Apr 2005

Margaret Bardin

I'm seeking information about Dugald Munroe (Monroe) and Jane Cameron (1786-1860) of Moore Co., NC. I have documentation on these 3 sons: Peter (1812-1888), Malcolm, and Dugald.

12 Mar 2005

Jerry Jeska

I am interested in information regarding Captain George Munro of Culcairn, captain of one of Lord Loudoun's Independent Companies during the Rebellion of 1746-45, in the years previous to that rebellion. I understand he fought for the government against the Jacobites in 1719 at Glenshiel.

4 Feb 2005

Alastair Monro

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any ancestral links to the following. David Monro, b. 1863, nr Brechin, Forfar; his father was Rev George Monro, b.1821 in Banffshire; he had a brother, Alexander; their father was Alexander M, b 1782 in Banffshire; his father was Alexander M, b. 1739 in Banffshire; his father was James M, b. <1705; his father was Alexander M, b. ca 1670 in Banffshire; his father was another Alexander M. I know the names of their wives and several siblings. I do not know of any emigration to N. America, but it may well have happened.. Do not worry about Munro-Monro spelling diffs. Not many could write >200 years ago!

8 Jan 2005

Melissa Goodwin

Looking for GGGG Grandpa's ancestors. ARCHIBALD MONROE / MUNRO immigrated to North Carolina, USA about 1800 from the Isle of Jura via Argyllshire. Anyone have record of him? Thanks!

31 Dec 2004

Jack Kerwin

David Munro, born 1740 in Ross/shire. He married Nancy McKay in 1764. I'm looking for the dates of birth/death for David and Nancy. David Munro's father was also named David (born 1714 Ross/shire) and I'm also looking for information on him. What is his date of birth/death. What is his wife's name and the names of their other children. Who were their parents?

14 Dec 2004


HI...My father was Alexander Munro b 1921 Bridgeton, Glasgow. In 1952 he came to Canada, his sister Sadie married a Canadian Soldier S. Caldwell in the 1940's and returned to Canada. My Munro's were in Banffshire, Aberdeenshire then moved to the Glasgow area in the 1890's. Names associated are Killin, McOscar, Murphy, Allan, Davidson, Adamson, Dunlop, Buchanan, Laird, Sellar, Hunter, Russel, Any info would be most welcome.. Cheers CC

22 Nov 2004

Jennifer Munro

Looking for some history of the Munro's from Fitzroy harbour. Cecil Munro was my great grandfather and Keith Munro my grandfather. Do not have many pictures or background on the family.

19 Oct 2004

Harman & Bev Delyea

We are searching for other descendants from Harman's gr-gr grandfather Alexander Munro (b: July 17, 1823, Co. Inverness) and descendants of Alexander's brother Donald Munro (b: Oct 26, 1826, same). Alexander arrived in Canada about 1840 to work as a clerk for the Hudson's Bay Co. and married Ann McKenzie. Donald came about the same time. Looking for family members. r

22 Feb 2004

C M White

Hello I am trying to find some information on Duncan Munro born Oct 4 1848 in Inverary and Glenaray. I know that he married Sarah McQuater and had 8 children that I know of. What I am trying to find is someone who maybe related to him or his family, He had a brother James Munro born in Dec of 1837, Donald Munro born in Sept of 1845. Plus his sisters Catherine, Mary and Isabella. Isabella, I know married a Lamont but have no info on the others would appreciate hearing from anyone with information. Thank you.

23 Jan 2004

Vallena & Henry MUNRO

We are delighted to again be able to correspond via Website with our Canadian "cousins." We are still looking for further connections to our Munro ancestors who came to America before the French & Indian War (1755-63)and ended up as Canadian citizens after the "War Of The Rebellion" (1775-83) We are very anxious to contact any descendents of Capt. Hon John Munro, KRR-NY, who settled in Upper Canada, Dundas Co., Matilda Twp. There are descendants of 7 of his 8 children somewhere in Canada & USA:((1)Christiana m. Dr Philip Mount- Montreal; (2)Hugh Munro m. Angelique Leroux LaRocque - L'Assumption; (3)Cornelius m. Frances DeLisle - Cornwall; (4)Dr. Henry m. Josephete Serindac - St Denis & Montreal; (5)John Jr. m. Kathryn Rosenbarger - Matilda & Williamsburg;(6) Charlotte m Marq. MEGA deLotbiniere - Vaudeuriel & Montreal; (7)William Johnson m. Sarah Sherar -Paspebiac, Gaspe', Quebec & Caraquett, New Brunswick - Henry's G-G-G-Grandfather. All of the above are also connected to the NorthWest Fur Co. and some to Hudson Bay Co. We also are eager to renew old ties - or find new relatives of Munro cousins as descendants of (Judge) Hugh Munro of Bathurst, NBr; Hugh Munro of Edwardsburg, Grenville Co, Ontario; Rev. Harry (Henry) Munro of NY Province, Albany, Schenectady - with descendants of (3rd) wife Eve Jay, and also dau Betsy who m. Donald Fisher - to Canada in 1778. We maintain files on other Munros also - and have some ties to Scotland.

23 Jan 2004

Henry D. MUNRO

Greetings ! And a hearty WELCOME TO A REVITALIZED CLAN MUNRO CANADA ! As President Elect of Clan Munro Association USA Inc I bring an enthusiastic group of researchers in all phases Clan Munro. Our newest project is a DNA matching group that is establishing a new parameter in "linking" Munro lines together. The more Munro surname participants we have, the likely are possible "matches" between individuals showing a common line of descent. We also maintain on computer a 40,000+ and "growing" individual name genealogy databank from Munro Association Members. For additional information contact: Mbardin@ghg.net or Margaret Bardin, 4071 Young Street, Pasadena, TX 77504. Please visit our Clan Munro USA Website for further details about Clan Munro USA: Clanmunrousa.org Yours aye, Hank Munro

13 Jun 2004

Charles Munroe

I am searching for any Canadian Munros who believe they may be related to General Sir Hector Munro of Novar. In 1874 money was being raised in Canada and the USA in order to send a lawyer by the name of Irwin Bridgeman to Scotland to file a claim on the estate. The effort would have proven futile as the estate had already passed incontestably to a heir. Robert Munro of Barochan Row Huston, Scotland had James born 1771, John born 1756, Robert born ? and William born 1764. Robert Munro died in Flanders, New Jersey on 1 July, 1804. It is believed that sons Jon and Robert fled to "Upper Canada shortly after the Revolutionary War. There is a possibility that James eventually joined them. I am descended from James.

23 Dec 2003

Carol M White

Hello I am looking for information on my gr-gr-gr-grandfather James Munro who was born abt 1765 in Inverary. He married a Mary McTavish who was born abt 1769 in Inverary. I know that they had a son Charles [my gr-gr-grandfather] But have no knowledge or being able to find any more children. Would appreciate any help possible. Thank you.


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