Most Reverend David John James Monroe

Date of Birth: April 14, 1941
Vancouver, BC

Priestly Ordination: May 20, 1967 by Most Reverend James Carney
St. Anthony's Vancouver, BC

Episcopal Ordination: March 12, 2002
Installed as Bishop of Kamloops on March 18, 2002
Bishop Emeritus 2016

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High School:
St. Patrick's
Seminary of Christ the King

College:    1959-1963
Theology:  1963-1967
Seminary of Christ the King


September 14, 1990 Prelate of Honor



other offices

1965-2002 Counselor, Director, and Chaplain at Camp Latona (37 years)
1968-2002 Chaplain to the Deaf
1982-2002 Presbyteral Council and Chaplain to the Legion of Mary
1984         The Liturgy for the Papal Visit
1984-2002 Liturgical Commission
1985-2002 Archdiocesan Building Commission
1988-2002 College of Consultors
1994-2002 Deputy Delegate to the Clerical Sexual Abuse Committee
1995-2002 Board of Directors of the Catholic Independent Schools
                 of the Vancouver Archdiocese
1995-2002 Representative on the Board of Management of St. Mark's
1995-2002 Chairman of the Steering Committee of Project Advance
1998-2002 Archbishop's Representative to St. Joseph's Society
                Marriage Tribunal


Mountains are common to Vancouver (the Lions), where I grew up and where I have been a priest, and to Kamloops ( Mount Peter and Paul).  Major events in the life of Jesus take place on the mountain: as disciples, we come and see Him in the 'Sermon on the Mount'; on the mountain we find Jesus in prayer; there we see His divinity in the Transfiguration, and His humanity on Calvary .  Jesus is the mountain we ascend in our spiritual life.  The star is a symbol of Mary, the "Morning Star" and the 'Star of Evangelization' (Pope John Paul II).  She is the patroness of both the Archdiocese of Vancouver under the title of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, and the Diocese of Kamloops under the title of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The cross is central in Jesus' invitation to come and see, and the eagle, known for its keen vision, looks toward the cross.  The eagle is the symbol of St. John the apostle, from whose Gospel the motto, "Come and See," has been taken.   St. John the Apostle is the patron of the parish where I was born and last served as pastor.  The golden eagle is also the emblem of the Clan Munro (Monroe).  Behind the eagle is the carpenter's square, a symbol of St. Joseph , patron of Canada .  In the cross, star and square we have the Holy Family - Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


MOTTO - "Come and See" ("Venite et Videte") - is taken from the Gospel of Saint John (1:35-39/1:46/4:29).  Two disciples, one of whom was probably the evangelist John, left John the Baptist to follow Jesus.  Jesus asked them, "What do you seek?"  They replied, "Teacher, where are you staying?"  Jesus said to them, "Come and see."  Jesus issues this invitation to everyone who wants to be His disciple.  His invitation means more than going down the block and visiting Jesus for a while: it means having the company of Jesus on our life's journey; seeing Jesus as Philip did when he said to Nathaniel, "Come and See" ("Veni et Vide"); or as the woman of Samaria told the people of the city to "Come and See."  Jesus invites us to be God's children now, and, at the end of our earthly journey, to come to Him in Heaven and "See God as he really is."  (1 John 3:1-2)

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