2005 Photo Gallery

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2005 Caledonia Zorra Highland Games

2005 North Lanark Highland Games

2005 CMA-USA Annual Gathering 2005 St.Thomas Kirkin'

Ian Munro, President Clan Munro Association of Canada raising the CMA Canada banner made by the founders of CMA Canada,
the late Bud C.C. Munroe and his wife Rita.


CMA (Canada/USA) display table at Caledonia-Zorra Highland games
1 July 2005


Visitors Examining the Clan Map


CMA Tent


Amy Lombard (daughter of David Munro) and David Munro, CMA USA, who set up the excellent tent and display at the C-Z Highland Games


CMAC Tent at the Games
Left to Right: Dee, Ian Munro, Pat T., Isabelle Wilson, Jean Maloof, JoAnn Munro Tuskin


Dee in his new kilt


Our wee one tries the caber toss


Up and Over!

Ron and Avis Munro

70th Wedding Anniversary

Mack Jackson (St. Thomas),
Bill Hoffenberger (VeroBeach FL),
Ian Munro (President CMAC),
John Hoffenberger (Waynesboro PA),
Sharon Jackson (St. Thomas)

The Clan Munro Association of Canada