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In 1959, when the Kemptville Legion Pipe Band was first formed, the members consisted mainly of World War Two veterans. As a reminder of this, the band wore a traditional Scottish Highland Military Uniform, much the same as Highland Regiments wore during the war. Today the band dress has changed, though reminders of its military past still remain.

Until recently the The Band wore the Red Munro Tartan , which can be traced back to 1790 Scotland, for its kilts, plaids and ties, as authorized by the chief of the Munro Clan. Two years ago, due to supply problems, the band began the transition to a new tartan, the Black Munro. The Drum Major and Drummers of the band may also wear the Green Black Watch Tartan as a reminder of the close ties between the band and the regiment. The Clan Munro eagle cap badge with the Clan motto "DREAD GOD" is worn on the Glengarry head dress.

Some of the traditional highland dress items worn by the band include : Glengarries (headdress), plaids, sword belt without sword, horse hair sporrans, kilts, hose tops, white spats, garter flashes and Skean-Dubh's. The Drum and Pipe Major's as well as the Pipe Sergeant can also wear a Crimson sash.

With the introduction of the new uniforms in the past few years the band has stopped using the plaids, sword belts, horse hair sporrans and spats. These may be used again in the future if equipment allows.




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